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Cardio Circuit #fave

5:30am workout today and didn't even die. Hollaaaaa. I literally laid in bed and sleep-forced down a protein bar at 4:55am this morning so I didn't have a repeat of Tuesday. I set it on my nightstand last night because I'm that much of a not-morning-person.
My trainer, who is basically Drax the Destroyer only not blue, set up a cardio circuit today. Little does he know THAT IS MY FAVORITE THING. I don't know if it's the obstacle-course nature of it, the switching exercises or the sweet burn, or all 3, but I frickin' love circuit workouts. And now that he knows that, hopefully he will work in more of them.
The bad news though, is that my BMI went up because I haven't been a good listener about my foodstuffs. Womp wommmmp. That's my bad though, I knew I wasn't making the best choices all the time. I did not, however, realize that I would get caught.
So anyway, super stoked about the workout, here's what we did:
Side to side steps on aerobic …

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