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Horrible Hurricane Harvey Haunts Houston - that's a little H-alliteration for you

My beloved Texas is hurting, y'all! I know a lot of people who live in Houston. Some people have had to evacuate, some have varying levels of water damage in their house and some totally lucked out and need to buy a lottery ticket because their house is completely dry. Lots of people who had to leave are coming to Dallas, and you know what I read? The shelters here are overflowing with donations - clothes, hygiene items, diapers, etc. I think that's pretty amazing. People are awesome sometimes. 

I can't get on social media without seeing someone collecting donations, either items or money, because they're headed down to Houston or headed to a local shelter to help however they can. This is why Texas is the bomb - helping each other is what we do.

It's not just Texas, honestly. I believe that seeing people in need brings out the purest form goodness in people - you just want to help however you can. 

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