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If it ain't broke...

We don't watch a lot of Shark Week, but we are fans of Shark Tank in my house. If the tv isn't on Naked and Afraid, it's on Shark Tank reruns. To my excitement, my husfriend started DVRing new episodes when they came on earlier this year. We saw one back in early March featuring this female inventor/entrepreneur who came up with the Sleep Styler, and in case you missed my insta-story (@nerkymeg), I'm gonna review it in more detail. You're welcome.

I just - I was so excited. I wanted this product to be as baller as it looked. I waited 4 months for it - which is a long time in this age of instant delivery (Prime same day, hollaback) - but I understood because the show took this we-work-out-of-the-garage-at-night couple and launched their product into the glory of the American dream. So the wait wasn't the issue, except that there wasn't a whole lot of communication and the product arrived 2 months after the original quoted delivery date. But even that would ha…

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