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Ninjago Party

Y'all, give me a group of kids and I'll throw down. I can 100% party like a kindergartener. One. Hundred. Percent. 

I threw a Ninjago themed party last Saturday for my now-6 year old, coincidentally the weekend the Lego Ninjago Movie came out, which we of course went to see after. (It was okay, I liked the other Lego movies better!) I had no idea what Ninjago even was until like a month ago. No lie. I had to watch it on Netflix to research, which my kid was totally down with. 

Check out the invitations, thank you cards and party props - Ninjago eye stickers and party games y'all now live in my Etsy shop! Seriously, check it. That's my wine money, and you know with 5 kids, I need that pinot grigio to be flowing like Niagara Falls.
The PartyMy kid tells me all the time that he loves fruit more than he loves candy. I mean, I get it. Fruit is nature's candy, but also, he's 6. What even is that about.

But I'll take it. 

I stabbed grapes, berries and cheese cubes with…

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