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Karate, adventures and bunnies, oh my!

What a weekend. Today I discovered I have bags under my eyes. Mama needs a nap, a box of wine and a facial, STAT. 

My spawn had a karate tournament which was ADORABLE. He just moved up to Tiger belt on Thursday - that's 2 up from white belt - and then he won "Best Memory" in the tournament because he nailed his form without needing help. So cute. So proud. 

Hey there, karate kid.
Then we went to a family work event with my husfriend. It was hot as balls outside, but we got to do ALL SORTS of awesome stuff like a ropes course, zip lining and fishing. We did arts and crafts and all ate WAY too much sugar, but YOLO it was a party. No haters allowed.

Seems like I'm the only one excited about it. Hard to say, though.
Oh hey there
We got home and the kids went swimming, and here's where things got real. I'm watching them splash each other and I suddenly see a baby bunny feverishly hopping across the concrete by the pool and my first thought is awwwwwwwww and my second tho…

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