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Father's Day guitar

Father's Day weekend is historically a massive cluster for us. We have so many logistics to work through, it's basically a miracle that the kids all get to see their dads, plus I gotta make time to bake MY dad his annual gallon ziploc bag of chocolate chip cookies. (#traditions)

So I asked my spawn what he wanted to get his dad, his stepdad and my dad for Father's Day. He said guitar for dad, Star Wars something for stepdad and fishing pole for my dad. Done. But you outcha mind if you think I'm gonna buy a guitar, I mean that's a scotche out of my price range, considering my dad is just getting cookies. So my husfriend said, let's make one! 

So they did. And I am amazed.

They started out with a piece of balsa wood, a greeting card that plays "We Will Rock You" and a dream.

First thing first, y'all. My husfriend is hella smart. Sometimes he's even smarter than I am. Sometimes. (JK always.) So he was all "we can take the music component out of …

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