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May the Fourth Be With You

It's time to hit that Star Wars party game HARD! Check my Etsy shop for all the printed things. All of 'em. 

I uploaded a bunch of Star Wars inspired party printables to my Etsy shop, y'all! First up, DIY light saber invitations from a galaxy far, far away. These are so rad. The base folds into a pocket and the light saber fits inside with all the party deets! 

There is some assembly required - once you get the file, either print at home or have it printed professionally. Or I can always print and ship them to you! You will have 2 pieces - the saber and the base, but the base will be flat and needs to be folded and fastened. I gotcha covered though. Your invitations will be as slick as Lando Calrissian when we're done here. Side note: please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks Lando is oogie AF.
Okay, once you have your file, here's how to light saber it up: 

SO FUN, right? Here's a direct link to the listing(this post is chock full of shameless self promot…

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