I had technical difficulties this weekend. I think the common misconception with geeks, nerds, dorks, dweebs, etc is that we are all good with computers. I am definitely not, so when I finally figured out that I had to reset my ip address (or something?), I exploded with equal parts excitement at getting the internet back and frustration that it took so long.

I found out recently that I have the same Myers-Briggs personality type as Harry Potter. (Sidenote: I also have the same birthday as Harry Potter, so we're pretty much the same person.) Then I told my huz and asked what his Myers-Briggs personality type is, but then I was nervous because what if it's the same as Voldemort? That would totally be bad for our marriage.
Y'all, we seriously geeked out at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for our anniversary a couple of years ago. We dressed up and everything. 
By "dressed up" I mean we wore t-shirts I made and round (prescription) Harry Potter glasses.
Yes, we got prescription HP glasses just for this trip, and they were only ten dollars

It turns out he's ENFP, the same as Gilderoy Lockhart - I'm not sure if that's better or worse than Voldemort - but then I kept looking at the list and it turns out Lily Potter is also ENFP (aw!), so I think the list is broken because how could Gilderoy Lockhart and Lily Potter have the same personality type? 

Want to be a part of the fun? You can take the test to see which personality type you are, then go here to find out which Harry Potter character you share the same personality with. 

In a shocking turn of events, I found out that Daniel Radcliffe is also ENFP according to this, so in a way we are BOTH Harry Potter. Mind = blown.


  1. I'm INFJ. Which is what Dumbledore is, which is convenient, because he's one if the 4 characters on that list that I recognize :P

  2. I'm ISFJ, which is Dobby. I loved him!


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