Lazy Saturdazy

I joined Instagram yesterday. I'm a little late to the party considering most people call me a hipster. And a nerd. And a geek. A nerkster. By "most people" I mean my Facebook acquaintances and by "me" I mean my kid.
Welcome to my desk - I love toys. That's my son in the picture dressed as Yoda for Halloween last year. Cute, he is.

Speaking of hipsters, have you seen this book? 
Dads are the Original Hipsters by Brad Getty
Isn't it the truth? My dad had nerd glasses and a big ol' mustache before they were mainstream. Father's Day is tomorrow, y'all. Just reminding you. 

Here's something unrelated (hey, good segue!), Avengers dresses!

Thor is my favorite Avenger, so naturally I like the Thor inspired dress the best, although the Captain America dress would totally work better with my figure. (What? You just have to know what works for you. You know, so that when you consider how hypothetical superhero inspired dresses will look on you, you can be realistic.) She's also designed dresses based on Iron Man, The Hulk, Hawkeye, and Black Widow, so check them all out at the link.