Movie Review: Brave

Y'all, go see Brave nowsies. 
End of review.

But seriously, Brave is fantastic. I'm totally biased though, I love kids movies. Are kids movies really just for kids though? I have yet to see a Pixar film that disappoints. 
In fact, our latest Halloween costume idea is to be Sully, Mike Wazowski, and Boo from Monsters Inc. And that was before we saw the trailer for Monsters University that came on before Brave.

To keep this short, Brave was, in a way, just as you'd expect a Disney movie to be. There is a song. There is a princess who is forced into a life that she doesn't want to have. What made it fantastic was the little things. We laughed out loud (lol'd, if you will) several times - yes, my huz liked it too - and cried a little. Well, he might not have cried. I'm with Kristen bell on this, if I'm not between a 4 and 7 on the emotional scale, I'm crying. (Don't get the reference?)

If you've seen Brave already, then you totally saw the plethora (word of the day!) of fantastic movies that are coming soon. The one I am the MOST excited about is Wreck-It Ralph:
Bowser is in it!

I'm wicked stoked (I'm not from Boston, I don't know why I say "wicked". Let's just roll with it, k?) about Wreck-It Ralph. I mean, anyone who played video games in the 90s should be stoked. That sentence just made me realize I'm kind of old. Huh.

I love movies, y'all. I also love popcorn. Fun fact, if you pop your popcorn in coconut oil it tastes super delicious just like it tastes at the movies.

What did YOU think of Brave? What upcoming movies are you anticipating the most?


  1. The brave girl should be my next Halloween costume! You should just have a Pixar themed Halloween party! :D


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