Pop-Pop Gets a Grisham?

Father's Day is fast-approachin', y'all. Do you have a nerky dad? Is your husband a nerky dad? Mine is. So how perfect is this:

Find it at ThinkGeek for $15.

PRECIOUS. We happen to already own this book (nerts! I should have waited until Father's Day!), so I have scoured the interwebs (read: looked for a second on the same website) for something else. 

Boom. Lord of the Rings beer mugs. (Also at ThinkGeek.) 

It says "you're a man and you like beer!" while at the same time saying "you're kind of a nerd, too".

Are you shopping for a manly man? There is also a circular saw-shaped pizza cutter. The perfect harmony of powertools and noms.

This post was not sponsored by ThinkGeek. I just really like them. Or it. Whatever the proper grammar is, pretend I used it.