Sometimes You Have to be a Grown Up

Despite my valiant protests, I am an adult. I have to go to work, pay my bills, make hard decisions, and, worst of all, exercise regularly and without complaining
I Hate Being a Grown Up (NSFW or kids)
by Jenna Marbles
If you haven't seen her videos, you should probably just go watch them all immediately. I'll wait.

Do you ever just want to walk up to someone at the gym and pull out their earbuds and see what they're listening to? Not violently or anything, but quickly and efficiently so you can get a listen before they realize what happened. Like a ninja. I think you can learn a lot about someone from their playlists. What if they asked you about it in a job interview?

Boss: And who is the next artist on your playlist, please.

You: Erm. Insane Clown Posse?

Boss: Wow, you still listen to them? Flashback to '97. Hmm. That shows unwillingness to change with the times, poor music taste, and a potential anger management issue. I think we're finished here, we'll be in touch.

It could also work to your advantage:

Boss: And what is the next song on your playlist, please.

You: The Star Wars Theme.

Boss: You're hired. And you get a raise.

My luck I would be listening to my ONE Jonas Brothers song. (What? It's catchy.) It would be a good first-date screening tool, too. You have to ambush the person though, that way they don't have time to edit anything.