DIY: Untangle Yo Headphones

My headphone wires tie themselves into a knot when not in use. It's a feature I didn't realize they had until I had already thrown away the receipt. Curses!
How does this even happen? I used them YESTERDAY.

At least 100 years ago* I saw someone who had used a zipper to separate and untangle the two earbuds. Those were the days before Pinterest, so I have no idea which blog/site/etc I saw it on. Earlier this week I had one of those weird deja vu memory flashes as I was untying my knotty headphones for the billionth time - hey, let's do that thing with the zipper and stuff!
Ze Tools:
Your zipper should be slightly shorter than the length of the headphones from where they separate into two to the earbud. You will also need some sewing pins.

This cost me $0 since I happened to already have the zipper. Why? Because I never throw away crafts. Note: I suck at sewing something fierce. To solve this problem, I used a similar color thread to the zipper, but it would have looked cool with a contrasting color too - just not if I'm sewing it. Good thing I don't live in ancient and/or mythical times when all women were good for was making clothes and pooping out babies. Dodged a bullet, I did.

First, you'll want to separate the headphones and make sure to line them up with the correct side of the zipper so that when you're wearing them the zipper pull faces out.
This is not an issue if your headphones are ambidextrous. Earbidextrous?

 My headphones come with nifty little letters to show which ear they go in, so if yours do too, then you should double check this step, otherwise you'll be wearing your zipper backwards and that's just silly. Measure twice, cut once I say.
Now you'll need to tuck the headphone wire into the side of the zipper and pin it in place. Be careful not to stick your pins through your wires, I'm pretty sure that's bad for them. 
Also be careful not to stick your finger because it hurts real bad (say it in Napoleon Dynamite's voice, please.) Note: I think we need a special font for quoting Napoleon Dynamite. Agreed? 

Now you get to sew 'em up. I don't know if you can use a sewing machine for this. I didn't. Mostly because I don't have a sewing machine because I'm not that invested.
There's probs a name for this stitch but I don't know it. Normal, maybe?

And now you're finished!
Unzip to use them, and...

Zip when you're done!
Yay, no more tangled mess!

I love my new untangly headphone wires. It's the small things.

*Okay, maybe it was 2-5 years ago. Still.


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