Four Walls

I love painting, y'all. And I love video games. By "video games" I mean the Mario franchise, not so much the games where you be killin' stuff. I mean, I guess you squash Goombas and Turtle Dudes in Mario, but it's different somehow.

I found this fantastic Mario themed bathroom: 
From Mental Floss. Click the link for more cool bathrooms! 

Tetris tile pattern? Yes, please. And how awesome is that one-up tissue holder?

I dabble in mural painting a little bitsy. I've painted for friends and family, but not really "for a living" or anything. Since I lubs me some Mario and I had an extra room in my house when I moved in, I painted a sweet Mario N64 style mural. Good thing we had a boy, because now it works nicely as his room:

He also has a monster in his closet, heh:

I love to muralize a room, and it's the most fun with kids because of their reaction. My son is still a baby so he doesn't care either way, but really the Mario mural was more for me than him anyway since I painted it over a year before he was born.

If you are planning a mural, I would suggest having a scene painted rather than characters. Kids are going to grow out of their favorite Disney princess before they grow out of their love of general girly things. So instead of painting Cinderella, maybe try painting walls pink and doing polka dots with purple and yellow on one wall. 

Incidentally, you're technically not supposed to paint existing characters, and you are especially not supposed to make money off of them. I've heard that Disney can be especially grumpy about this issue.

How cool is this wall graphic?

It's essentially a giant sticker rather than paint. Wall graphics can be a great way to decorate if you don't want something super permanent, but you lose the uniqueness that a hand painted mural offers. I still love this though, it has fantastic depth. 

When we move, whenever that may be, I want to do a Pac-Man mural in a play area for my son. I also want to do a Harry Potter bathroom. It will have "This way to the Ministry of Magic" above the toilet, "Lumos" and "Nox" on the light switch, and a small serpent on the faucet. It's gonna be awesome. Oh, and maybe the "Mirror of Erised" above the mirror. And Moaning Myrtle somewhere. And bottles of potions like liquid luck and polyjuice potion painted on the cabinets. Paint all of the things!