To Boldly Cut....

Y'all, my pizza cutter broke. I know, first world problem. But srsly, we eat pizza a lot so this was an issue. 
Well isn't that special.

We've been cutting our pizza with just the top half for at least a month. I just couldn't bear to throw it away because then we wouldn't have a pizza cutter. I just can't see myself living in a world where I don't own a pizza cutter. Cut pizza with a knife? Um, no. And then I remembered that one time I saw that one thing on ThinkGeek...


Word to the wise, it's $30 on the ThinkGeek website, but only $20 on Amazon. On Amazon it's sold by ThinkGeek, so I'm not really sure why there is such a huge price difference or how that works. I know I saved $10 and it was eligible for Prime shipping. Boo-yah! (Ermahgerd since when do I say "boo-yah"? Since never.)


Y'all, this is cool even if you don't like Star Trek. I know this because, admittedly, I prefer the newish movie to the older tv show and generally "real" Trekkies wouldn't consider me a "real" fan. Whatever it has cooler special effects and Chris Pine is in it, amIright?

Also, since we're doin' a little bitta online shopping, Threadless is having their $9.95 t-shirt sale through July 27. I got me one and you should too. Or not. Do whatever you want, it's a free country.