Tunesday Tuesday

I love mix cds. They're nostalgic and remind me of a time before everyone had ipods and my friends and I would work for hours (well, minutes at least) decorating the outside of a mix cd to give to each other. This was back when we had to pass hand written notes in class rather than text. Makes me feel real old, that. Aside from the nostalgia, mix cds give other people a chance to hear songs they perhaps wouldn't have otherwise heard, and then go buy all of the music that artist has. It's like the samples at Costco. Everybody wins!

For this Tunesday post, I want to show off a couple of artists I really like (that I totally included on a mix cd I made for a couple of friends recently). First, Eric Hutchinson. 
"OK, It's Alright With Me" by Eric Hutchinson
(There is a real music video of this song, too. I just prefer the live version.)

I like music that makes me wanna dance, even though I'm not "good" at dancing. Haters gonna hate - I'm still havin' fun. My other favorites by him are "Food Chain" and "Talk is Cheap", so maybe go listen. And report back. Fun fact, he likes Harry Potter. That should be enough for you to give his songs a chance right there.

We recently saw him in concert a few weeks ago, and this is my proof I was there:

By "proof" I mean "a grainy cell phone pic of a blurry Eric Hutchinson singing and also the pretty hair of the girl that was standing in front of me".

Graffiti6 opened for him that night, and they made their way onto my new mix too.
"Free" by Graffiti6

I'm not gonna lie, going to a show isn't something I typically do. They're generally on weeknights and I'm an adult with a job. And a baby. Mama can't be stayin' up til all hours of the night like a teenager. This was a fun exception to the rule though, and I would totally suggest catching Eric Hutchinson in concert if you can. 

What do you think, do you like having a "Tunesday" Tuesday post? Yes? No? Cool.