Star Trek Trifecta

Try saying "Star Trek Trifecta". It's hard. (I just asked my huz to say it, and he was all "Star Trek trifecta, mo' fuckaaaaaaa" and I lol'd so hard I snorted)

Last month I was looking on Threadless because they had their $9.99 t-shirt sale and I had my Groupon to spend. I feel like that sentence describes me perfectly. Hipster enough to buy t-shirts from Threadless, but too thrifty to pay full price. Note: It turns out that you can't spend a Groupon on sale merch, so I still have it.

ANYWAY, I found this hoodie and almost bought it the instant I seen it. It's just. so. fab. It's $30 though, and that's more than I wanted to spend that day. Plus, it only comes in black. And it looks pretty baggy.

And that's when I got out my bleach pen.

How to Make Awesome Bleach Pen Articles of Clothing

That heading made me remember this one time in high school, one of my friends was all "I'm sitting on an article of clothing" because there were some clothes in the chair he sat in, and then another friend made fun of his proper-ness and was all "wtf, dude? You're all 'article of clothing' and I'd be all "I'm sittin' on some PANTS."

I think you maybe had to be there. It was lolz at the time.

Step one: Slip something between the front and back of your hoodie so that when you use your bleach pen it doesn't seep through to the back. I used newspaper. Yes I still get the Sunday paper. It has coupons in it.
Ribeyes for $4.99/lb? Don't mind if I do!

Step two: Acquire bleach pen. Question: What does Snoop Dogg use to do his laundry? Blee-yotch! 
I didn't like how the bleach was reacting to the blue hoodie, so I switched to gray. It's too bad, I wanted my hoodie to be blue like Spock's shirt, but oh well. Shit happens, I guess.

Step three: Begin! You just have to go for it. Make sure you have your design just right. If you're concerned, use sewing pins to outline your design so you have a basic template. You don't want to draw it on first because the bleach might react weird with whatever marker/pencil/etc. you use.
If you didn't hit the link for the hoodie I found, I bet this is REAL confusing.

You can see that the bleach turned the gray hoodie orange. It's cool, just go over it again and it will turn white. 
It will turn white, be cool. 
The bleach pen tip is pretty wide, so doing the star points was a little bit tricksy.

Step four: Let it dry! 
Eeekk! Mom and son Star Trek hoodies!

How is the hand Star Trek-y? Why, let me show you.

 Live Long and Prosper, yo.

Bam! (See? White.)

Don't want to make it? Order the Threadless version here. It doesn't have the emblem and the hand is bigger. It also only comes in black. Just sayin'.

Oh, and I watched Star Trek (the 2009 movie) while I was making these. I cry EVERY time I see the beginning scene. It's like when Mufasa dies. To complete the trifecta, we had pizza tonight and totally used our Enterprise pizza cutter. I'm feelin' pret-ty geeky right now.


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