Turning a - into a +

Do you know what? I have no time for negativity. It's really easy to get angry and blame other people (when the problem may or may not be their fault), but the more awesome (and sometimes difficult) thing to do is to be nice. 

Oh, you're one of those people (like me) that cries when you're angry? Nobody likes a crybaby, so do what you gotta do to get that shit under control. 

Case in point, I paid for 4 sessions to personal training at my gym. I needed help learning how to use all those (Bill Cosby voice) scary machines with the pulleys and the weights and the levers and the shit. How many reps? What's a rep? How much weight? Core? What? 

This was back in June, and surely by now I should have been able to receive all 4 sessions, but alas this wasn't the case. I've been rescheduled and forgotten about more than I care to remember, and that's hard for someone as introverted as I am. I didn't want to speak up when I was being pushed around and I was really understanding and nice each time they forgot about me. Finally, yesterday, I had enough and I walked up to the guy who promised to have someone call me last week to schedule a session. (I didn't get a call). I calmly asked for a refund for all of my sessions, and he totally without even hesitating 100% agreed. I guess I'm sort of famous around there as the girl who keeps getting rescheduled. I was so caught off guard that he made it so easy, and I totally think it was because I didn't cause a scene. I was calm and cool and awesome and he was awesome back. 

Then, during my workout, the manager found me and asked me what I had hoped to get out of the training sessions. When I told him that I just wanted an idea of how I should work out, how the machines work, how much weight to use, etc, he took his own time and made a work out plan for me and walked me through the machines and weight amounts I should be using. He answered my questions that the other personal trainers had answered incorrectly or not at all. And I didn't have to pay for it. And they're still giving me a refund. Not to be all bragadocious, but aside from the bad personal training experience I had, my gym is pretty boss.

And now I'm so sore from my new work out I can barely walk today. I'm just gonna take my kindle and try to get some time in on the bike to offset all that wine I had last night ;) Or maybe I'll throw caution to the wind and try out the yoga class. Either way, mama has been pussyfootin' around and it's time to get it in gear and lose this baby weight. I mean, my kid is almost 1. Come on.