Monster Bash

I have a hard time believing I have a one year old. Want to see how much I relied on Pinterest for his bday party decorations? I thought so.

Want to follow me on Pinterest? To quote one of my favorite bloggers, I Pin cool shit.

I googly-eyed EVERYTHING. The invitations and thank-yous too, which I totally got from the dollar spot in Target a couple of months ago when they had all of their monster stuff. 

My kid never wound up wearing this hat because I let go of the elastic string thing too soon and it slapped him RIGHT IN THE FACE. Wherps! Mom of the year, I'm telling you.

I totes forgot to take a pic of the party favors, and they were my favorite crafty craft I did! Balls. Whatev, I glued eyes and a nose to those giant suckers, you know the ones, and drew on a mouth. So presh.

- pb&j sammies cut into triangles (it was a kids party after all)
- 7 layer dip (that shit is ALWAYS a hit)
- carrots with ranch
And cupcakes. Lots and lots of cupcakes.

Oh, and beer for the grown ups. Lots and lots of beer. Not for me though, because I'm still working on Operation MILF. I've lost 15lbs so far, mofos! I don't have pics right now, but I'll maybe update with some later. 

Who needs presents when there are BLOONS?! 

And here we are playing with our very first light saber.
...why yes, that is an 8-bit dragon on his shirt.

Mama out, y'all.