Ohmygosh I have a one year old.

My kid is one today and I can't even handle it. His party is next weekend and I'll totes post pics because it's "monster" themed and that shit is gonna be awesome. Plus, any event where the whole family gets together is bound to produce awkward and entertaining stories.

I have (what I think is) a cool idea for his birthday gift. See this pic?
3 weeks old and already into Harry Potter? This kid is awesome :)

And this is what I'm working on and it's NOT FINISHED YET. So don't judge it. 

Y'all, I never show people my unfinished art. EVER. I'm working on this pic, and then I'm gonna do one of him as a one year old. I want to do a new drawing or painting every year, and hopefully one day he will appreciate them. And yes, I know it's a totally lame gift for him as a kid when all he wants is toys, so I'm gonna get him a bright and shiny wagon too. Also he's one and he doesn't even know what birthdays are, so back off. GOSH.

I've had three cups of coffee this morning. 
A couple of days old. I made that shirt. I think he's crying because his pants are too big.

To make up for the previous grumpy-grump picture, big smiles at 2 months old.

Gettin' ripped at 4 months.

Being a hipster at 6 months. Those are my glasses.

And now he's all grown up and driving! Time flies.

I love being a mom, y'all. Especially to a little boy. He's messy and resilient and lovey and sweet and handsome and tough and cute. I love that he loves my (terrible) singing and that we sing "You Really Got a Hold on Me" every night before bed time. I love when he falls asleep in my arms and when he stops crying when I pick him up just because I'm mom and he loves me (and his dad) best. I love his sweet little giggle and how the simplest things make him laugh SO HARD. Like splashing in the bath tube or when we dance. Even when he's being a total jerk and crying for apparently no reason, I love him more than anything. I can't believe it's been a whole entire year with this little dude and I'm so excited to see what he grows up to be.

"You treat me badly, I love you madly. You really got a hold on me."