20 lbs, mofo!

So I'm not quite to my half way point of my Operation MILF goal to lose 50 pounds, but since I haven't posted any pics yet I feel like I need to. I just NEEDS to.

Here's the thing, I have very few fat pictures of me. I avoided getting my picture taken like the plague, and when it was unavoidable, I tried to just have my face in the pic so my fat rolls wouldn't live on in infamy. This, my friends, is what we call denial. Whatev, I'm past it. This is the best fat pic I could find:

 I sort of HATE that this is the first face pic I've posted. 

aaaaaand 20 pounds less of me, fresh from a run:
Why yes, when you punch my boob a mushroom does comes out of my pocket.

WAIT. Did you catch it? I totally just said I ran. Like an effing boss. I ran my ass off and I even sort of liked it. Who knew? The world is full of new and exciting things when you don't jiggle as much.

And here is my motivation to continue:
Buying it on ebay isn't weird if it's NEW, y'all.

I'm gonna rock the shit out of that bikini next Summer, mofos.

*Also, don't be mean and stuff. I'm calling it Operation MILF because I'm a mom, not because I think I'm super gorge or anything. 


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