Chicago Like a Boss

This morning I stood on one leg while curling my hair so that I could use my other foot (toes) to tickle my son's belly so that he wouldn't have a screamy-whiny fit, and instead would giggle. I LOVE my son's giggle. It's probably definitely the best sound in the world. 

Ninja mom status = achieved.

Still working on Operation MILF. 

I'm still at 15 lbs. lost, which is sort of awesome considering my friend and I just ate (and drank, hayyyy) our way through Chicago.
Yeah....there was only 2 of us.

You know you're dedicated to noms when you walk 2 MILES for pie. 2 EFFING MILES. So worth it though.
We tried 'em all. The Hoosier Sugar Cream was the best. The secret ingredient is unicorn kisses, I asked.

I've never had legit deep dish pizza before. It was good (um, because it's pizza...), but I think I prefer thin or original crust better. Is that blasphemous? LIGAF.

That there is my cleavage. You're welcome. Oh, and the shot? Effing delicious. We had them make it into a bigger drink after we did the shots because that's how we roll.

And then I was all "I'm tired of paying $10/drink but I still want to drink". 

Yes, we ate all of the cupcakes. And drank all of the wine. In our hotel room. In our jammies. We were asleep by 10. WHAT.

And now we have to go back to work like chumps. 
Seems legit.