Have a SUPER Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Chumps!
My FB friends have already seen this, but I just can't help but post it here. He's just SO unhappy! Presh. 

In other news, Disney bought LucasFilm. Interesting. On one hand, I'm all wtf. On the other hand, by the time the new Star Wars movie comes out (2015 apparently) my son will be old enough to appreciate them, so maybe he will like it. On the other hand, I'm not gonna get my hopes up. On the other hand, I totally get why they did it. How many hands is that? Just call me General Grievous. 
Most asked question: "Is that a Shrek hat?" 
A Shrek hat it is not, hmmmm. 

In other other news, this came in the mail:
That's what motivation looks like.


  1. So I was TOTES excited when Disney bought Star Wars. 2 of my favorite things combined...HELLO. Now if only Harry Potter world would move in to Disney, I think I would just die.


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