How I'm Losin' It

Aww shucks, y'all! I got so many nice comments about mah weightloss! You peeps rock my face off. You know what I would love? I'd love for you to follow my blog. My followers window is so lonely. Plz? Thx.

I got a few questions about what I'm doing to get skinny. The short answer? I use my iPhone. The long answer? Go:

1: I started by counting calories with My Fitness Pal. The have apps on iPhone and Android and a website on the interwebs. It's free, so that's awesome. I don't do it as much anymore now that I am used to the portion sizes I should be eating, but I still use it to track my weight, and if I fluctuate more than 2 lbs. I'll start keeping better track again.

2: I use 5K Runner to keep me running. It's great because you can listen to music and the app talks over your songs to tell you when it's time to run or walk. You can try it for free and then it's $1.99 after the first 3-4 uses. To me, $2 is a small price to pay to become better at running. 

3: I update my workout playlist regularly. Keep it fresh, yo, or else it gets boring. Nobody wants to hear "Shake Your Bon-Bon" over and over again, every single time you work out. Trust me on this.

I love this blog: Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness is great because he gives you workout ideas that don't require a gym, and he breaks it down so it's easy to understand. Plus, he references video games and other nerd culture and I loves it.
I also love this blog: Mama Laughlin

Mama Laughlin is a girl who lost 60lbs after having 2 kids and she is effing hilarious. Read it, mofo. Although, to be fair, her blog isn't really intended for men. Just sayin'.

The real key though, is mindset. I've lost weight before and I've gained it back before. There is something different about myself this time though. I'm motivated and determined and I'm doing it for me and no one else. Until you reach that point, your weight loss efforts will be lost just like mine were in the past.