Thanksgiving and Goals

Happy Thanksgiving! The list of things I'm thankful for is way too long (and probably boring to read) to go over here, so I'm going to focus on one thing. I'm thankful for goals. 

I have to run this godforsaken half marathon in February y'all. That's my goal, to be able to run 13.1 miles on February 24, 2013 (provided the world doesn't end on December 21). That means I have to train. Even on Thanksgiving. Ugh. 

Do you ever know you need to work out and know you'll hate yourself a lil bit if you don't and also know it's gonna be the worst workout ever? Yep. Me too. Not only is today a food-fest, but I also had a really hard soccer game last night. No subs and I missed every gaddamn shot I took because I was so freaking exhausted. Talk about frustrating. Anyway...
Unbuttoned because omg too much food, or because it's step one to changing into my running gear? I'll never tell.

First of all, two helpings of carbtastic buttery overload Thanksgiving feast followed by not one, but two desserts is not the ideal pre-running fuel. I'm no expert though. 
But then...I put on my running shorts (yes shorts in November, it's 70 degrees here, u jelly?) and I felt how loose they are becoming. Then I put on my bright yellow t-shirt (it's dark out, safety first) and I felt how shapeless and baggy it is on me now, and it's a medium (!!!). Then I put on my knee brace and thought, wow that's not sexy at all. Oh well. And then I put on my headphones and I was in the zone, bitches. I thought about how good it's gonna feel to finish this race in effing Disney World, y'all. Disney World. The most magical place on earth. And I ran like a boss. And it sucked, but I totally finished strong with a full heart...and a full belly because, you know, Thanksgiving.