Movie Reviews! Pitch Perfect and Argo

I LOVE MOVIES. Watching them is my favorite date night activity and/or lazy weeknight activity. I love going to the theatre because zomgpopcorn and huge screenz. I love watching them at home because I don't have to wear pants and my couch is really comfortable. I would almost always rather watch a movie than a tv show, unless it's Arrested Development (which, coincidentally has new episodes and a movie coming out. SO STOKED!)

I saw Pitch Perfect and Argo at the theatre last week. We'll start with Pitch Perfect.

Y'all. It's hilarious. I lol'd several times. To be fair, it's pretty predictable, but I could give two shits about that. You totally know that going in, so who cares. It was fun to watch and the songs are cool. It's like Glee, but less...dramatic? We'll go with that. In a way, this movie poked fun at itself through a couple of ridiculous characters and solid writing. Rebel Wilson has perfect comedic timing as usual. And who knew Anna Kendrick could sing? Color me impressed. Loved it. Totally recommend. Probably gonna buy it when it comes out on dvd or blu-ray or whatever new movie playing technology they come up with.


I LOVE when movies are based on true stories, so that's what really makes this movie awesome. It's perfectly suspenseful, without the aid of a lot of music I might add, and stressful at the right times. It's one of those thinky-political-suspense movies, so if that's your cup of tea then you should definitely see it. I enjoyed it, and it was good to see once, but not something I'd watch over and over. Like I said, what really makes this movie great is that it's based on a true story. I'd also like to add that they used actors that look spot-on just like the real people. It's uncanny. I liked it and recommend it.

Don't like my reviews? Argo fuck yourself.

I'm so kidding. I just wanted to say "Argo fuck yourself".