Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Let's get happy in 2013! That's not to say I'm unhappy, but I'm taking steps to be happier and healthier. You should too. Or something. Do what you want, I'll support you.

Let's get to some resolutions:
Give compliments when I think them. Oftentimes I think, "That new haircut looks really nice on you," or "That velociraptor tat is rad," (true story) and the compliments never get given because I'm too shy, busy, jealous, etc. Not anymore. Doesn't it just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when someone gives you a compliment? I know it does for me. You guys were all so nice when I was nervous about posting a bikini pic and it totally made my day. My whole week, even. I want to do that for all of you, too. Let's build each other up, people!

Learn French. I bought Rosetta Stone in French as a Christmas gift to myself, and dangit I want to learn French. I don't have a good reason, it's just a beautiful language. Also there was a Groupon for Rosetta Stone. Double win!


Continue getting fit, and once I reach my goal, stay fit. This one is self explanatory.

Moar big smiles!

Be the best mom I can be. This one is pretty much a given, I mean what parent says "I'd like to be mediocre at best"? I digress. Sometimes that means saying no and feeling bad about it, but knowing that it's in the best interest of my son. Sometimes that means saying yes when I really don't want to deal with the mess that comes with finger painting, eating ice cream cones, playing in the mud/rain/with bugs, etc. I want to be a fun, cool mom most of the time, and still garner the respect that children should give their parents. I really want to raise a gentleman.

The mural I painted in my son's room at his dad's house.

Write, draw, or paint every day. I have an office job, but I'm a creative person. In order to keep my sanity I need a creative outlet. Part of the reason I have been unhappy in the past is that I wasn't putting myself first in this regard. If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy, and that's the truth. I'll write here, paint murals, draw when I can. Maybe I'll write a book. That would be the best! Dream job, anyone? Yes, please.

Be safe out there tonight, y'all. Bitches be cray.

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