Merry Christmas you will have, yes.

I love Christmas time. I also love that my friends send me Star Wars Christmas cards. 
If by "send" you understand that I mean via text, then yes. My friend totally sent me this and I lol'd and all was well. 

via fivedollarfinds today

Speaking of Star Wars merch, LivingSocial has a $15 for $30 to spend on Star Wars gear from deal today. You're welcome.

Question: Now that Disney has bought LucasFilm, that totally makes Leia a Disney Princess, right? Therefore it's totes legit that I dress up like Leia when I run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February, right? Right? Speaking of running, I ran FIVE MOTHERFUCKING MILES yesterday. I feel like an actual runner now, y'all.


Do you know what's awesome? I didn't hate every second of it! I wasn't even all that exhausted after (that's what she said). Literally two months ago I couldn't run for ONE MINUTE, literally 60 seconds, without being winded. I'm telling you, couch to 5k works. For real.