My Fab Photog Friend

I had some peek-chars done of my not-so-little-anymore Mylo back in Novemberish. My fran at ChelsCon Photography did them and they are OMFGSOGOOD. Srsly. She's awesome.

You can't see 'em, but he totes has on suspenders under that jacket. 

I die.

Trendiest baby photo shoot ev. 

This one reminds me of "The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo, and along the same lines, that one Arrested Development episode, "In God We Trust". Man I love that show. Can't wait for the new episodes!

I literally had to spend hours, DAYS even (okay not really), paring this post down to these five pictures. They ALL turned out great! Even the one where he was crying because he wanted some juice.

What's that? 

You want to see that one too? 



Don't forget to visit ChelsCon Photography's page! She's the best and so good with kids!