Fire Starter Thighs

Do your thighs rub together like mine? HAWT.

Might I suggest you invest in a pair of compression shorts, then. I had to google what these were because I'm a n00b, and here is what I found for your learning pleasure:

During many athletic activities, the muscles of the groin and thighs often rub together, causing the sciatic nerve along the outer thigh to become irritated and the surrounding skin to chafe. Separating and compressing the groin and thigh muscles seems to provide relief from these problems, however. Compression shorts are specially constructed from nylon and Lycra® to provide support for the waist, groin and thighs during physical activity.
Some compression shorts also include a protective cup for male athletes or additional groin support for females. There are also compression shirts for the support of the upper torso and back muscles. The fit should be snug but not overly constrictive. A good pair of compression shorts should form a noticeable gap between the thighs and groin area. Look for a higher percentage blend of Lycra® if more support is needed. Some also provide odor protection, so consult the label for a complete list of benefits.
via WiseGeek (emphasis added)

Literally all I can think about is extra droopy lady lips that require "additional support". I'd like to point out that this is probably not the case with most girls and I feel confident in saying that the real reason females wear these shorts is to prevent thigh chafing. Anyway...

So I bought a pair to wear under my running shorts for longer runs, and I daresay they've helped. Gone are the days of chafed thighs! These are the ones I got (on sale!) from Target.

Total Geekout on my run today:
It's the shirt you deserve, but not the one you need right now.
(P.S. Is that line over used?)
(Maybe a little.)
(Oh well.)

And here is a tutorial for a DIY Live Long and Prosper hoodie with a bleach pen. Do it and send me pictures!