Just a Minor Setback. (Sh)It Happens.

I was really looking forward to breaking in my new running shoes today with a 4-5 mile run before I have to do 9 miles this weekend.

So pretty.

For running/walking/all around exercise shoes, I'm a Brooks girl always and forever. I went to a running store years ago and had my foot tested to get the perfect shoe. I need lots of arch support (see the gray part of the sole? That be bitchin' arch support), so they gave me a specific pair of Brooks and I haven't looked back. I get a new pair of the same shoe about once a year, and now they have lots of fun colors to choose from instead of just boring white.

Beware, good running shoes are expensive. These are the only instance in which I break my "I don't pay more than $30 for a pair of shoes" rule.

And then this happened in my soccer game last night:

Funny commentary on the difference in color between the top and bottom of my foot.

The ref was being kind of a douche canoe and so everyone got more aggressive and mean than normal...and then I jammed my toe when I collided with a player on the other team. I thought it was just a jam and "walked it off" and kept playing for the last few minutes. In fact, I'm pretty sure my teammates have no idea I was injured. That's the mentality you tend to have when you grow up playing soccer, or any sport, really. Don't puss out. Deal with it. No pain, no gain. Etc.

I've had a lot of injuries due to soccer in my day. Some serious (broken wrist and ankle), some semi-serious (severe ankle sprains, pulled hamstring, ilio-tibial band syndrome), and some minor (bruises, minor strains). You'd think I would stop playing, but dammit it's just so fun.

Anyway, now I'm pretty sure it's broken due to the bruising, swelling, and excruciating pain if so much as a light breeze hits it wrong. Okay, well maybe that's a little much, but it hurts like a bitch, k? So I'm prob not gonna run 5 miles today. Instead I'm doing this:

Womp, womp.

It's taped. It's elevated. I'm icing it. I'm not wearing my usual 5 inch heels. I'm getting therapeutic laser treatment to reduce the swelling. Hopefully all of this combined will yield a fast healing time and I can run again soon, because...science! Or something.

UPDATE: Doc says that without getting an x-ray (expensive, yo), he thinks it's more than likely a crack and not broken all the way through. Cracked is definitely better than completely broken because it should heal together faster as long as I keep it taped and let it rest. Either way, I'm not gonna run today. Just a minor setback though, I'll be back up and running soon!