The "O" Word

Today I found out that I'm obese. Hah, you thought I meant the other "O" word.


I guess I picked a bad day to skip my run then, right?

Here's how it happened. I joined a new gym and they took all of my measurements and weighed me today. I found out my body fat percentage is...wait for it...33.5%. 

THAT'S A THIRD OF ME! I am literally one-third fat and I've been eating right and exercising for months. Anything over 30% is considered obese, and I didn't even look at the other categories I was so shocked at my status. I'm pretty sure I passed out and then died of shame. 

For the record, this is what I look like today:

Does this girl look obese to you? That just goes to show you that thin doesn't equal healthy. I mean I know I have a few pounds to lose (about 25 by my calculations), but obese?! Ugh. I can't even deal.

So at this new gym, the goal is to get me from 33.5% body fat (barf) down to 15% body fat, because it's healthy to have some fat, especially for women. That means losing fat but gaining muscle. We'll see how it goes. Man, what a kick in the ovaries. 

To end on a nice note, these are the shoes I just bought:
My Precious.

Nothing like a pair of sparkly platforms to put you in a better mood, amirite? Now it's time to get this ass into gear. I've got to jiggle my way through an 8 mile run this weekend. Here's to being healthy in 2013!


  1. Hey, wandered on here from NerdFitness, where/who said 33% were obese? Pretty sure you were looking at the boy's chart :) You look on the healthy/overweight line which seems believable?

    1. Hi Timothy! It was the trainer at the gym that game me the news. He had a chart to prove it and everything! It seems that there is quite a variance between what is and isn't a healthy body fat percentage. I'm gonna be honest, I like your chart better ;)


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