The One Where I Tell You My Weight

One time, years ago, when I was being weighed at the doctor's office, I was noticeably displeased with the result. The nurse weighing me said, "Girl, don't even worry. That's what I weigh, too," and I instantly felt better because she was a beautiful, average sized woman, albeit slightly taller than me.

I've always thought it would be helpful if famous people would tell us their height and weight. How much more confident would you be if you knew you weighed the same as your favorite actress? For instance, Jennifer Lawrence? Or what about Natalie Portman when the Nexu attacks Padme on Geonosis and rips her shirt? She looked hot and I'm not even afraid to admit it. Mostly because I want to look like that if and when I ever have to battle a Nexu and the boys don't give me a light saber (blah blah blah only for Jedi blah blah blah).

Well I'm not famous, but I'll still tell you my stats as of now. The most I've ever weighed was 216 lbs the day before I had my son in September of 2011. That's a lot for my 5'2.5" frame. I lost some at birth (obviously...) and I tried to start working out to lose the rest and plateaued at 180 for MONTHS. At that point I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and got on some medication to regulate my thyroid, and then I started losing weight again.

Here's what I look like now, in a rare post work-out shopping trip last week:
154.2 lbs.
30% body fat 
(I'm no longer "obese". Thank the lawd.)

That shirt used to be super tight on me, and now it fits more like a t-shirt, like it's supposed to. After I took this picture, I imposed a new rule on myself: Absolutely no workout clothes in public unless I'm at the gym. It's all because of Parking Space Guy. More on him later.

As for clothes, I am usually a 6 in pants. I still have a couple of 8's that fit me, but I'm definitely consistently in the single digits. Yesssss! I tend to wear a small or medium shirt, depending on whether it's misses/ladies/women or juniors sizing. Why are clothing sizes so complicated?

On occasion, I get to buy these sizes:

I totally bought that skirt JUST because it's a size 4. It's the first time in a long time I've seen that number on something that fits me.

While it's really exciting that I have several extra-small shirts in my wardrobe, and no "larges" I might add, I still have a lot of work to do. My goal weight is 130. I still need to train for my half marathon coming up at the end of February. I'm still hitting the gym to build muscle. I still minimize my sugar intake, and I very rarely drink soda. I put good, fresh food in my body. I try to drink at least 64 ounces of water each day. I'm proud of how far I've come, but I'm not finished yet.

Food for thought: If a 216 pound whale of a woman can lose all of this weight (62 pounds so far!) in 16 months, then you can too! Who has two thumbs and will proudly wear a bikini this summer? This girl! You just have to want it. Hard work and dedication is the name of the game. Find a work out routine you can commit to, and do it! You'll thank yourself later.


  1. Women and their weight. How silly are we? Thanks for sharing brave lady. I would've never guessed you weighed 180, you have always been so little to me, now you just look littler lol. 180 is my goal weight! Member when you and Brit and I went clubbing when we were 18 and skinny?? I weighed 180 then! Wish I could be back there now, fo sho.

  2. ok question...and I know this post is old and I might possibly seem like a complete psycho for reading your whole blog to the beginning...but yeah, my what point did you go do the doctor and get diagnosed with the thyroid issue? I feel like I've been working my butt off, working out and counting calories, eating clean...but I'm having a super hard time with the weight coming off. Did you wait a month, six months? Thanks for your help!


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