Those Shoes are Organized, Betch

It's time for...Adventures in Single Life!

Y'all, I've been so stressed about finding a new job and a new place to live that I just don't have the energy to go out and do single girl things. So, single life this weekend was all about organization. 

It's lucky that I'm allergic to cats. That way there is absolutely no chance that I will wind up an old cat lady.

I digress.

First, I built this shed with my dad for his back yard:
Welcome to the gun show *kisses bicep*
...because the pieces were heavy...

I had to lay across the roof to hold it down while my dad attached it from the inside. Worst job ever for someone afraid of heights.

Ever since I moved out of my house I have had limited space to work with. This is part of why I'm looking for a new place to live. Anyway, this became an issue with particular regard to my shoesies:
Hurricane Mylo strikes my shoes on a daily basis. Clearly he's gonna be fabulous when he grows up.

For about $1 per pair of shoes, this:

Even the bigger bins were just a dollah at the dollar store, and those can fit 2 pairs of heels or several pairs of flats or sandals. Double bonus, they will also be easy to move when I do find a new place to live.

Much better.

Running shoes don't get a bin since I wear them almost daily.

I took a picture of each pair and taped it to the inside of each bin so I can clearly see which shoe is in there. This isn't really a new idea, I'm just pointing out that I completed this project and this is how it turns out in case you were wondering. It's not a huge time-suck, either. I got it done in about an hour once I bought the bins and picked up my pictures. 

Alternate idea: print your shoe pictures on stickers/labels and stick them to the outside. Let me know if you do that and how you like it!
Those metallic shoes in the middle are my faves. They are Lauren Conrad (less than $30 at Kohls) and I have 3 pairs of her shoes and ALL of them are super comfy considering their height.

And lastly, I sat down to poo this morning (WHAT, everybody does it) and my kid runs up to me, slaps my leg with BOTH hands, and then puts his head down on my thigh. Call me crazy, but I just can't take a shit with my kid's face that close to the magic.