Arbitrary Goals Like a Boss

My scale hasn't budged since I advertised my weight to the world. What a dirty, dirty whore.

Plateaus suck, but in my experience I know I just need to jump start my program. In fact, I'm lucky I haven't gained anything since I had to take it easy for a while after I broke my toe. Plus, I've totally been eating my feelings for the past 2-3 weeks. I was thinking last night, as I enjoyed a subpar spicy chicken sandwich and soggy fries on my way to class, that this time around I'm going to completely cut out fast food for the month of February. That means anything with a drive-thru, including Starbucks. I always feel like a superdouche when I order at Starbucks, anyway. I guess that's kind of the point. You pay $5 per drink for the right to have a douchey order. Mine is "grande 2 pump nonfat white mocha with no whip", because I'm worth it.

Fast food isn't a temptation for me, it's more about laziness. I don't wake up early enough to pack myself lunch, dinner, snacks, etc., then I rush out the door to daycare then work. Fast forward to lunch/dinner/whatever I didn't prepare for, when I get hungry and my options are limited, especially now that I'm taking classes after work 2 nights a week. And job hunting. And being a mom. Blah blah blah.

SO, Fast-Food-Free Feb. FFFF. Fx4. F^4. No playdates at McDonald's. No drive-thrus before class. Maybe then I'll finally see the 140s. This will be good for my organization, waist line, and bank account. Triple win, betch.

I remember back in college my weight got up to 135 and I was so embarrassed and I told myself I'd lose the pounds and never ever weigh that much again, like ever. How wrong I was. Now I'd be OMGSOSTOKED to be at 135.

Enough about fatty fat.

I didn't get the job.

I know. How could it be? I had such a stellar interview.

He said that he, personally, liked me and "the wit" I brought to the table. Clearly he was just being polite. Anyway, time for more job hunting for a wannabe writer and graphic designer.