Cajones and My Lack Thereof

3 tutorials in 3 days. That shit is exhausting. Time for a short post.

Dating after marriage...I feel so grown up. 

Alternatively, I also feel like such a tween because I, like totally, have a crush on one of my Facebook friends, except that Facebook wasn't a thing when I was a tween. We did have AIM and AOL profiles though, so it's kinda similar-ish.

Remember when it was SUCH a big deal to have colors on your AOL profile? And how much effort we used to put into witty and/or culturally relevant away messages on AIM?


So now what to do? I'm probably gonna grow some cajones and ask him out for drinks or something equally non-threatening be a chickenshit and hope he picks up on it psychically. 

True story: One time in high school my bestie told me to "grow a pair" for some reason that I can't remember now because I'm a shit friend, and later that night I had the WORST stomach pain EVER. I seriously thought she willed me into growing balls. 

She didn't, for the record. To be crystal clear, I don't have balls. Literally or figuratively, apparently.

I mean, what's the worst that could happen? He could tell me no and I will die of rejection, that's what. I don't see how anyone does it.

Enough tween rant. Happy Frisky Friday!