Dana Carvey FTW

Y'all, I had this entire post written:

I probably could have had Adventures in Single Life! this weekend, but I didn't. Because I didn't say anything to my Facebook crushycrush. Because I'M SHY. Get off my back.

Instead, I had a debate with a 15 year old about who on SNL is funny and it was awesome. She kept saying "the new people aren't funny" and listed the actual funny ones. It was hilarious because I had to be all, "Uh, you're wrong. Kenan Thompson is not funny without Kel and 90s SNL cast ftw." Which is also hilarious because people older than me would be all "Uh, you're wrong. Dana Carvey is not funny and Chevy Chase ftw."

I really like to dig deep and tackle the important topics.

Anyway, so my friends are awesome and sent me encouraging texts like this one after I posted my last post:
Aw shucks, Andrew.

And also this one:
Probably more accurate.


Moving on, I also failed at running this weekend. I had planned to do 11 miles as my last long run before the race next weekend and I had to stop at 7. Ugh. I ran 4 on Saturday though, so technically I did run 11 miles within 24 hours...Just, ugh. Fuck everything so hard.

You'd never guess I'm part Puerto Rican.

I'd like to apologize to all of the other people out running for blinding you with the whiteness of my legs.

I'd also like to say it's super douchey when you don't wave back when I wave to you, regardless of leg pigmentation. 

So clearly I was not in a good place. But then I was all, what in the FUCK is wrong with me? I put my big girl panties on and finally sent him a facebook message, and I totally didn't get rejected. w00t.

That said, I don't want to be the asker again. I'M SHY.

Also a man gave me his business card today because he's looking for "a pretty girl who's good on the computer and is interested in getting her real estate license". Somehow that made me feel like I'm in the 50s. Also there's a joke in there about exploring my real estate.