How to trick people into thinking you're a professional Baketress: Part 3

The saga is coming to an end. 

True story. You better do something for your love today, and stat!

You will now know all of the secrets of the (cookie) universe and you won't need my witty charm anymore.

Happy Valentine's Day! 

How to decorate with royal icing:

You've made your cookies. You've made and dyed your icing. The next part is the fun part. I made conversation heart cookies for my son's class.

Step 1: Outline the cookie.

Step 2: Fill in the cookie.

The outline acts like a barrier so the icing doesn't run over the edge. It's all "Step back, bitch. Don't you dare cross this line."

Step 3: Let it dry/harden.

Just takes a few minutes. 

Once it's hard (heh) you can write on them with more icing.
Well isn't that just the bees knees.

Step 4: Take them to whomever is to receive them and get praised. Possibly post pictures to Instagram and/or Facebook for more praise.

If you make these or use my tutorials for any other decorated cookies, send me pictures! Especially if you fail. I will get lolz and I will also help figure out what you did wrong. 


Note: I HATE when people pronounce "figure" like "figger". Just a quirk I have.

Proof that they are delicious:
In retrospect, feeding my kid cookies for breakfast right before daycare was probably a dick move. 

Moar heart shaped cookies? Why, sure.

One of the first cookies bouquets I made. Some day I'll post a tutorial on how to make a cookie bouquet and how to decorate them all zig-zaggy. Right now I'm le tired though.

Least faves. The black makes them really severe, but whatev it was an order and I do as I am told. I went black and I am definitely going back.

And scene. 

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you make lots of sexy time. I celebrated by wearing my red t-shirt to work out today.

Boob shot! ...for science.


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