I "wheelie" CAR about Valentine's Day

I am that mom that The Bloggess hates

"I 'wheelie' CAR about you!" Valentines for school.

My kid loves cars.

I am an overachiever.

Well, I only had to make 12. And 6 teacher ones. It took me 2 episodes of Doctor Who.

I also plan to take homemade conversation heart sugar cookies to his class party.

Because I'm a BAMF supermom.

And that's how I roll.

I cut a snack sized baggie in half and taped the open side. Stuffed it with a toy car (3 for $1 at the dollar store) and some stickers (also dollar store) and zipped it. Then I made a fold over car template to cover the zippy part, and traced 12 of them. The heart stickers are also at the dollar store. The kids valentines cost me $6 total, and the teacher ones were $6 total.

I hope the Bloggess and I can still be friends. I mean, we do have one picture together. That means we're totes besties right?

My dirty awesome mind read "V is for Vagina" on that book on the bottom right. I smell a new series of alphabet books! On second thought, "smell" was not the best word choice. Hey, who's up for fish tacos?

Disclaimer: In case my tone came off too beechie, I LOVE the Bloggess. She has no idea who I am. There is no feud. Unless she wants to have a feud. We could call it Blog Wars: Like Star Wars without lightsabers. But the real question is: what's the point in a war with no lightsabers?


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