I'm sorry, this doesn't usually happen to me.

I'm suffering from impotence today. Work impotence. I just can't get it going. I'm not in the mood. I've heard it happens to a lot of people, right? Next time will be better. Normally I'm really good at this, I swear.

Oh well, I have a headache anyway.

Today is my first "long" day of my fast-food-free-feb with class after work, so I packed lunch and dinner. I feel like I might be eating a lot of sammiches this month. You know what they say, practice safe lunch - use a condiment.

mmmm, mustard and jelly.

The tupperware on the right contains a little spoonful of nutella. You better believe I'm gonna eat that little scoop of heaven with my fingers and possibly lick the tupperware container it's in.

I had also planned to have celery, but it got all soft in the fridge. Clearly it was mocking me.