Ten and Tone

My scale says I have 20 pounds to lose...but I'm having trouble locating them. I think 10 for sure, and then just tone the jiggly bits. "Jiggly bits" sounds grosser than I had intended. That would firm up my belly pooch, inner thighs, and arms, but I don't want to lose my curves. I have never ever heard anyone say:
...but I really wish you had smaller boobs.

It's just not gonna happen. Curves are what make you feminine. I bet J Lo and Beyonce weigh a little more than average too. 

So here I am at a curvy 150 (Sorry it's blurry, I was really excited. And also I had 3 cups of coffee):
That's a size 4 mothafuckaaaaaaaas

I'm not always a 4. Usually I'm a 6 and even an 8. You bet your sweet ass I'm gonna be bragadocious when I get to buy 4's though, because I worked my ass off, quite literally, to get there.

They're right when they say it's not completely about what the scale says. I may weigh 150 (which is a little high for my height), but my legs are supah toned from running and my fat % is lower. It was all about the number on the scale for a while back when I started losing weight, but now that I've lost so much it's more about feeling good in and out of my clothes. I like being a 4/6 and/or a small, so I'm gonna work hard to get where I want to be and stay that way. That means losing 10ish pounds and toning up the jiggles.

If we're counting from the day before my son was born, I've lost 66 lbs.

If we're counting from the week after he was born, which is probably a better starting point, I've lost 50 lbs.

I am SO PROUD of myself, y'all! 17 months later I can run and play with my son and not run out of energy. I can throw his 27 pound little self in the air as many times as he wants. He's the reason I started getting healthy and he's the reason I'll stay healthy. You have to set a good example when you have a tiny person following you around all the time.
We are on the slide. He was about to sneeze.


  1. I just came over from "jack and sally", I had to check out a fellow MegHan :) Congrats on your awesome weight loss, I'm working on toning up after baby #2 and for some reason the ice cream didn't melt away as easily as it did the first time around...keep going and post pictures!!

    1. Welcome MegHan! I was a chubalub before I even got pregnant, so I don't have a good excuse. Keep going! You can totally do it.


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