Drinks Dranks Drunks

Hey, I totally won a Starbucks giftcard for being one of the two funniest link ups on Friday. Looks like I'll be double fisting later. Starbucks. Double fisting Starbucks. Thanks Holly! Thanks Jake!

Know what I haven't done in a while? Adventures in Single Life!

Since I've been single I've visited all of these trendy new bars meant for twenty-somethings to escape from their 9-5 jobs they never thought they'd have. You don't really do that when you're married. That's not fair to say. I didn't do that when I was married. So now I go out and I meet up with people, mostly people who like my blog (Solid icebreaker - I like that), and we drink drinks frozen with liquid nitrogen or weird beers I can't pronounce. It's brought me out of my shell a lot.

Mine's the one on the right.

I've learned that I can't hold my liquor like I used to. I don't know if it's that I'm not 22 anymore or that I don't really drink that often or that there's less of me or what, but two drinks in and I'm good. Three drinks and I might get a little sloppy. No one likes the sloppy girl.

So if you want to meet for drinks and you live in DFDub and you're not a murderer/rapist/psychopath, let's do it. I really want to try trivia. I'm not very good at trivia. I am good at making fun of stuff though. Just call it a resume enhancer. Wanna catch up over skinny margaritas? Me too. Let's hit it.

I evened out at 145 after being sick last week. Funny how I was so nervous about posting my weight at first, but then people told me that it helped them and that I'm an inspiration to them (um, me? aw, shucks you guys) so now it's easy. It actually feels kind of good to not be all secretive about it.

I put on a pair of jeans I haven't worn since my junior year of college, 6 years ago, and they're too big. I missed my window of opportunity to wear them again.

I mean, I could wear them for something you'd wear baggy jeans for. Like painting a room or being a buzzkill.
Oh and that's one of my tattoos.
It says "Love" mixed in the swirlies.
It's backwards because of the mirror.
I'm sure you figured that out.
Longest picture description ev.

It's a problem I'm totally okay with having. That, and having to go shopping for new clothes in new sizes. Smaller sizes. I like it.


  1. Congrats on your linkup win...and on your first linkup...you fixed it!!!

  2. Way to go on having to get smaller jeans! I'd rather not be able to wear the cute college jeans, so long as it's because they're too big.

  3. Wow so your blog is hilarious. And trivia is amazing!


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