Fat Meg

Here's the proof that I used to be fat. I had to look really hard for pictures because I really don't have that many. Now I'm not so fat and I have tons of pictures. Posting these is way more difficult than the thought of posting a swimsuit picture. I just hate that I let this happen to myself.

I was 216 pounds at my heaviest, the day before I shat out my son. Well, I tried to shit him out for 22 hours, but finally I had to have him cut out of me.

I was in my third trimester through the hottest Texas summer since 1980. To say I was sweaty is an understatement.

I'm 5'2". Take however tall you are and subtract some, and that's how tall I am. 216 is a lot for someone as short as me. (Hey I'm not short, I'm fun-sized.)Technically, some of that was baby and fluid and whatever, so my real starting off point was around 200 pounds. Size 14 pants. Large shirts and dresses. Chins for days.

I hate looking at these pictures.
Even though my teensy baby is in them. 
I still hate it.
He's just pweshus though.

I lost my pregnancy weight fairly quickly and evened out at 180, which is what I weighed when I found out I was pregnant. I got fat because I ate like shit and never exercised. I was comfortable in my marriage and "let myself go" as it were. It damn sure isn't gonna happen again.

Those ta-tas were a 40DD.
Now I'm a 34D.
Dress was a large from Target.
Now I'm a S or even an XS.

This is how I stayed for months. I tried to exercise and eat right, but I didn't really know what I was doing, so it took me forever to really get the hang of it. My husband at the time was kind of an enabler when it came to food, so that wasn't helping me. Plus he could eat whatever and still be stick thin. I hate that about guys.

Part of the issue was that having a baby is SUCH a huge life change. I was going through so much emotionally and physically that I just needed time to get my shit together. I slowly lost a little weight here and there. 2 pounds turned into 5 pounds, which turned into 10 pounds. I was tracking my calories and learning how to eat again and working out at my gym. Then we got divorced when Mylo turned one.

I was around 165 at Halloween last year.
Mylo wasn't stoked that we showed up with the same costume.

I moved out of the house and quit that gym. That's when I started running outside. It gave me time to myself to think and sort my shit. I started out with C25K. I got so excited the further I got, and when I ran my first mile without stopping I'm pretty sure I peed a little. Then my bestie and I signed up for a half marathon, so I kept going.

I was at around 155-160 by Christmas, just in time for the most awkward family Christmas picture ever.
Where is Santa's right hand, huh?

At this point I knew more about how I should be eating. I knew that getting healthy was 70% what you put in your body and 30% moving your body (or 80/20 depending on who you ask). I limited fast food. I learned easy and healthy recipes. I started eating a fuckton of fruit. I wanted to be a good example for Mylo. This was maybe the first holiday season ever that I lost weight instead of gained.

I joined a new gym and learned about weights and protein. Now I do weights 3x/week and I run 3x/week. Plus I play soccer. I eat only until I'm not hungry anymore and I'm constantly drinking water.

I still go out and drink. I still eat food that's bad for me sometimes, otherwise life gets boring. Nobody likes the person that's such a stickler for being healthy that they never eat pizza and beer with the group. The key is to not eat the entire pizza yourself and to get back on track the next day.

Now I weigh 142. Size 6 pants, sometimes 4. Size small shirts, sometimes XS.

My goal is 130-135. It's so close I can taste it. (Is that the worst metaphor ever regarding weight loss? I digress.) My other goal is to not have belly rolls when I bend over or sit. 7 more pounds until I've lost 65 motherfucking pounds. 7 more pounds until I put on my Wonder Woman bikini and post a picture of my half-nekkid self on the internet. I'm so nervous about it because I don't feel skinny. I never felt fat. I've always been this ridiculous, foul-mouthed, gutter-minded, silly person on the inside. The difference now is that people have noticed. 


  1. Wow, kudos to you! You're making this shit look easy.

  2. The "chins for days" comment totally had me rolling. I think you have done an amazing job losing the weight and you look fabulous!

    It is tough, but we gotta keep on keeping on. If I ever make it down to Dallas, I'm looking you up (creeper) because I think we would have a blast!

  3. super proud of you Miss Meghan!! Come do an hour of boxing with me one day. You will kick ass and LOVE IT.

  4. As cheesy as it sounds I know it really is that easy. Watch what you eat and move your ass. The hard part is sticking to it. It's so easy to be lazy.

    I'm currently beefing up for my first born but after he gets here I'm gonna hop on that train.

  5. Awesome work! You look great! My goal is 130 as well. I just can't seem to get past 146. Damn plateau and alcohol...it gets me every time.

  6. You look freaking amazing!!! way to go!

  7. This just made me believe in everything I have been working towards all over again. I've been in a similar spot, and then I let myself rebound after 4 years of keeping it off. It is soooooooo hard. Really, really, really hard. But girls like you who are doing it too makes it feel a little less lonely.

    Also, you look amazing! Are you kidding me??? I would say that you should have zero trouble rocking a bikini this year.

  8. cant wait for that bikini, JM is going to help you doooo iiiiitttttttt

  9. You look amazing and I am loving your blog. Where in Dallas do you live? I'm assuming it's Dallas. And when is your son's bday? I was also pregnant during that awful summer..holy shitballs it was hot. My daughter is 2 in October!


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