Frisky Friday: Gay for Fey

Last night I broke my 2 drink rule. If you follow me on Instagram (@nerkymeg), you saw. 

Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta. 
If by "gangsta" you realize that I mean "girl", because a guy could never order this drink and keep his man card. It tasted like melted mint chocolate chip ice cream, which is what I imagine heaven tastes like.

My best friend is in town for the weekend and we stayed out til 1:30am on a school night drinking dranks and getting hit on by a guy named Adam, who was really probably more of an Eve considering how much he complained.

Getting hit on is super fun, and something that's kind of new to me. I was always pretty nerdy in school and then I was with one person for 6 years, so I never really looked at anyone else. Plus I got all fat and shit. Now though, NOW I get noticed sometimes. And I like it.

P.S. If you had a crush on me way back in the day, telling me now doesn't do either of us any good if you're married or with someone. Just kidding, I love it. It's really flattering and you probably should have asked me out back then. Bygones.

So speaking of nothing (I do love a good segue), I've been listening to a lot of Justin Timberlake and Maroon 5 almost constantly in my car and at work lately. So basically that means that ALL I can think about is sex. 

I imagine that I AM her.
It's not weird.

You know what else? I'd go gay for Tina Fey. Let's make #gayforfey a thing. It wouldn't be a permanent switch, but I'd totally do it once. Sense of humor ftw. She's also gorgeous.

Nerdy is the new sexy. I guess that bodes well for me and my Harry Potter tattoo. To be clear, it's a Harry Potter themed tattoo. I don't have Daniel Radcliffe's face permanently inked on my body.

It's on my left side at the smallest part of my waist and it wraps around to my back a little.

I love tattoos. Yes, they're addicting. Yes, they hurt like a bitch. Yes, I will probably get more. I never plan my tattoos until I'm at the tattoo place or maybe the day I decide to go get one. Call me crazy, as long as you call me. (Haaayyyyyy.)


  1. Yes, let's just think about sex, and Adam Levine for a second...

    Oh, and I would totally go #gayforfey. Love her!


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