How I exercise

The short answer: I run to lose fat and lift weights to build muscle. I also changed my diet, but that's a whole different post.

I work out 6 days a week on a good week, although sometimes it's hard to get out for a run on days when I have my son. I absolutely loathe the jogging stroller. It's hard to maneuver and heavy (YEAH it is) so I rarely use it. 

I do weights 3x/week on my lunch break. The other 3 days I run. On Fridays I technically work out twice because I do weights at lunch and have soccer games at night.

I've been at it for 18 months. At first, just changing my diet dropped a bunch of pounds, then I plateaued at 178 for months. It suxored. That's when I started running.

It was gawjus outside this morning. Little nippy though.

I have a pretty flexible work schedule that allows me to be able to run at 10:30am on a Tuesday. Not for long though, homegirl needs a new job. Like yesterday. Please hire me.

Sometimes I have to run at night and it's scary as fuck. I always have my fastest times on night runs though because I feel like I'm being chased by the mafia. I always take this:

I call it my beatstick.

I did couch to 5k when I started out and it was awesome. I swear to Storm Trooper Jesus that I couldn't run for one minute, that's 60-fucking-seconds, without having to stop. Now I regularly run 4-5 miles at a time. Get the app for your smartphone, it's so easy I might die.

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You can tell I was on my lunch break because I left my earrings in. Oops.

I don't have any arm-guns to brag about. I took that picture to be a smartass to HubbyJack and his rant about women flexing their sweet guns on Instagram. I do lift weights though to tone up the jiggles in my arms, legs, and abs.

Sometimes it's difficult to get to the gym. I'm human. Sometimes working out doesn't sound fun, so sometimes *GASP* I skip it. Other times I put my big girl panties on and git 'r done because I know I need to, because let's be honest:


I love seeing the numbers go down on my scale, and as the number gets lower I'm nervous about the promise I made to post a picture of me in my Wonder Woman bikini when I reach my goal weight. I put it on the other day though and I was pleasantly surprised. I guess all this hard work really is paying off.


  1. I'm a new follower! Love your blog!

  2. You have done amazing! Making time to work out is probably the thing I struggle the most with, but that has always been the case. Slowly but surely I'm getting better.

  3. New follower here love your snarky sarcasm. Really enjoying your blog.

  4. Love your blog! SO FUNNY! I take pepper spray with me on my walks/runs! You can never be too careful!


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