This is gonna be a long one. (That's what she said) I need a job, scroll to the second half for a mini-resume/elevator speech. I've sent out a ton of applications and this is my last resort.

Shameless self promotion. I haz it. How cool would it be if I ever made money blogging? Then I could tell people that I make my living on the internet and let them draw their own conclusions.

I changed all of my social media stuff to matchy-match because I'm a borderline-legit blogger now. Soon this website will be instead of I don't know how that will affect those of you using an RSS feed, so just keep your eye out for the change. Also, how bummed are you that Google Reader is going away? So far I've been okay with Feedly as an alternative.

If you read kinda regularly, you can "join this site" on the right side of the page and I'm pretty sure it will put new posts in your Feedly or whatever other reader. You have to be viewing the "web version" to do that if you're on your phone or tablet. It will also make me feel all loved and shit.

I'm probably going to use Facebook mostly to announce new posts. You can like it if you want, but I'm not gonna force you. (Please do it?) 

Twitter: @NerkyMeg

I just resurrected my twitter account that a friend made me years ago. I tweet about things like that time my dad picked up a vibrator off of the ground, brought it into my office, and asked if I wanted it. The fuck, dad? The answer is a firm (heh) and resounding NO. And please don't think about my vagina. Forget I have one. As far as you're concerned I've never had sex. I know I'm single. I do not need your help in this department. Thanks bye. (This happened yesterday.)

Instagram: @NerkyMeg

I post pictures of my baby and other bad decisions. I kid, but seriously. I post pictures of the Lo-man, food, dranks, funny shit. You get it.

I pin cool shit. A lot of hats, it seems.

I don't Keek. I feel weird videoing myself. What would I even talk about? I need time to edit my words so I don't offend and/or bore people.

Serious time!

And now onto my real job sitch. Y'all, I'm seriously about to lose my job. As in I'm getting laid off April 1 because the location I run is closing. It mostly sucks because my job is quitting me before I can quit it. (I wish I knew how to quit you.) I've been looking for a job for 2 months now and I can't get an interview ANYWHERE, even for jobs that I'm overqualified for. I hate when people call it "a contact sport", but I guess it really is. 

I'm looking for a job in the North DFW metroplex (Plano, Allen, Frisco, Mckinney, etc). Help? I will keep the cursing to a minimum, and I'm good at a lot of things, like making copies and getting coffee for executives. (I kid.) I'm a Quality Assurance Manager/ Quality Engineer/ Office Manager/ Do Everything Woman for my company, a medical device manufacturer and treatment clinic. I have a degree. Please hire me. I can do medical office things, regular office management, quality assurance, design, and pat my head while I rub my belly. For reference, a Quality Engineer isn't the person who builds or designs the rocket ship, it's the person who makes sure the rocket ship works correctly and up to spec after it's built, inventories the rocket ships, and files all of the official paperwork regarding the rocket ships. These are the people who know exactly which batch of spinach is tainted with e. coli and which jars of baby food might have glass in them. Also, replace rocket ship with lasers and that's me. (pewpew pewpewpew)

I type over 50 wpm. I'm good at math. I dissipate awkward situations with humor. I've designed all of our print media and I wrote and filmed our training video and treatment protocols. I'm both artistic and logical. I have a really solid letter of recommendation. I would really like to have health insurance again. Pardon all the horn-tooting, but mama needs a job. This will be the only time I ask beg. Thanks.

Email me at meg(at)nerkyblog(dot)com with any leads, literally ANYTHING at this point (in the North DFW area - I can't deal with the long drive to Dallas every day anymore), and I'll send you my resume and reference letter and I'll even write a fancy cover letter. I'm also a really fast learner.

Back to normal tomorrow. I got nominated for a Liebster award, so that's fun!


  1. Consider yourself followed and liked! Also, I forwarded your info to my aunt who works in HR for University Park in North Dallas. Job searching sucks balls so I hope it works out and you can find something quickly!

  2. I mean I'd hire you. Mostly just to entertain me. I'm told it's an easy job. Good luck with the search and consider your shit followed.

  3. You're a funny beotch and I enjoy. Good luck with the job search . . . something amazing will come along and you'll rock it out! I'm now an offical stalker so keep it coming!

  4. I didn't know you were in Texas? I'm a Wacko from Waco. Good luck on your quest for a new J-O-B


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