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When I started running, I didn't buy anything special. I didn't want to throw a lot of money at it because I wasn't sure if I would even like it. In fact, I hated it. Like, a lot. 

I still don't have a ton of running gear, because let's be honest (every time I say that I think of Fat Amy's line in Pitch Perfect "lesbihonest") you're running. Probably outside. You don't need much for that, 'cept some legs. And technically you can even run without legs, like Oscar Pistorius. Let's not talk about him though, killing your girlfriend (allegedly?) is not a good look.

I started with some yoga pants, a t-shirt, old tennis shoes, and my iPhone. 

C25K Hit it.

I really liked this app when I started. It tells you when to run and walk and when you're half way done. You can still play your music and the app talks over it. You can try it out for free for a few runs, and then it's $1.99. For this #formerfatty, $2 was worth it for someone to tell me how to get fit.

Now I use Runtastic and MapMyRun. Both are free apps, both have gps to tell you wherethefuck you are and both tell you the distance you've gone/how fast/elevation/etc. 

The thing that motivates me most is music. I have 100ish songs in my running playlist so I don't get sick of hearing the same thing over and over. My current top 3 faves are: 

Golddigger by Kanye
Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) by Big & Rich
I Knew You Were Trouble by TSwift

Every time one of these songs comes on I run a little faster and might sing and dance a little. I can't help myself. Do YOU have some good running songs? I'm always down for new music.

I carry my phone in my hand. I know a lot of people use an armband, but like I said, when I started I didn't want to throw a lot of money at this. I told myself I'd think about an armband later, but now I'm just used to holding my phone so whatev. Plus, it would give me a weird tan line, like I even need more of those. And if you hold your phone, it's easier to look at your running app and change your songs and stuff.

Also, I have the iPhone 5 which came with the new-shaped earbuds. Lemme tell you, they are AWESOME. I have teensy ears and headphones always fall out, but these stay. Getchoself some.

The next most important thing, after motivation to get up of yo ass, is a good pair of running shoes. I'm a Brooks girl always and forever. They're expensive and worth it. Like me. 

If you go to a running store, they will fit you for the shoes you need. I went to Run On here in DFDub and they tested my feetsies and watched me walk and then picked out this style/brand/support/whatever shoe for me. That was a while ago, and since then I've ordered them online. I got these from for $30 cheaper and free shipping. Take that, brick and mortar stores!

But seriously, the right shoes are important. My feet are super pronated, so I need a lot of arch support. You're also supposed to replace your shoes every few months or so many miles. I was purposely vague there because it seems like you get a different answer from whoever you ask. Just replace them when your feet start to ache again.

I use BradyBands to keep my hair outta my face. They're cute and half the price of the ever-coveted BicBands. There's almost always some kind of sale, too. 

Pardon the baby derp. He had just gotten some shots.
Poor little dude.

Now I almost always run in shorts, but that's because my running shorts fit me again and it's nice outside. I like the kind that have the built in underwear part. Usually I go commando when running. If I'm going for a long run, like 5+ miles, I wear compression shorts underneath so my thighs don't rub. 

I need a better sports bra. Mama Laughlin recommends this one for tig ol' bitties, but it's $56 effing dollars. Maybe I should just choke it down (that's what she said) and do it. I'll let you know. 

I wear moisture-wicking tank tops if I have a long run or it's really hot out. Otherwise I just wear a t-shirt. Usually I wear my contacts when I run (I feel SO naked without my black plastic glasses) so that I can wear sunglasses. Now that it's warmer outside I also wear sunscreen - SPF 30 like a boss.

I'm ten pounds lighter now than I was in this picture. 
Losing the amount of weight that I've lost still kind of blows my mind.

Overall, not a lot of special gear. The compression shorts, shoes, and BradyBands are the only things I've bought specifically for running. And maybe a new sports bra in the near future.

Do you have any gear that you'd recommend? I'll do a new post at some point about food and hydration and those weird energy beans and goo and stuff and eating before, after, and during runs.


  1. Isn't it weird to start out huffing and puffing through a 5 minute run and now you're all, running gear?! Maybe that's just me.

    I have to give another vote for Moving Comfort bras. Totally worth the $$, although you can usually find some on sale at Amazon. I have the Juno and Jubralee and love them both. Too bad they are now too big in the band size for me. Also, you can usually find some good, cheap gear at Old Navy.

  2. Thank God for this post. I thought I was about to be poor trying to become a runner.

  3. I always chafe if I run in shorts!!!

    I just nominated you for a liebster award. Go to my blog for more info!

  4. I've been too cheap to buy any running gear. Still running in some $35 clearance Nikes. Seriously considering investing in some tights though. My pasty white legs aren't legal in shorts. Ohh Portlandia, it so funny because it's true and doesn't help when your unofficial city slogan is "keep Portland weird".
    Lovin' your blog.

  5. Uggh, why doesn't blogger let you edit your comments? Why don't I read them before I post them. It's so funny, not it so funny. Wasn't trying to be gangsta there.

  6. Moving Comfort bras will change your life. I have one, and it is the bestest thing in the world. Also, I just bought a running belt since I'm training for a half, and I should probably bring more than my ipod and phone with me when I run 10 miles. I haven't tried it yet, because I keep forgetting I have it. Ooops.

  7. Love moving comfort bras! Try they have good deals on them. I got mine for $26 shipping and all!

    1. They have a 30% coupon and 99¢ shipping thru tomorrow. Makes the juno around $27 I think.


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