Size 2. No, seriously.

I'm totally over the plague, except that I can't eat anything without feeling supah nauseous, but I can't not eat without feeling supah hungry and a little fainty. Wtf is wrong with me? Diagnose me, internets!

I feel like it's just that I haven't eaten a proper meal in so many days that my stomach is all, "wtf? nope."

What's kind of exciting about starving yourself losing weight so quickly is that I bought these pants yesterday:

Instagram: @meghananaghan
I should change all of my social media stuff to the same name, huh?
Nah, too easy.

I think they're probably sized incorrectly. Don't care, bought 'em. They were on clearance too, and it's not even my birthday!

Please don't starve yourself. I'm not doing it on purpose. I have a wussy stomach anyway, so when things go out of whack they go really out of whack. I even tried to drink those shakes for old people (Ensure I think), and still got really nauseous. It super sucks because I'm either hungry or barfy. Awesome.

For those of you worried that I'm gonna lose my curves because I bought a pair of size 2's, don't fret! Baby still got back.

Uh, and front.

Also, size 2 on someone that's 5'2" is different than a size 2 on a 6' tall super model. Also, holy shitballs I'm white. Sistah needs a tan, like yesterday. 

You know what makes me feel better when i don't feel awesome? Looking at this picture:

Yes please.

I want to be her hands. 


  1. Woohoo on the size 2s! I don't think I've ever bought that size in my life. I love that picture of Adam Levine. So freaking hot.

  2. I do a huge happy dance whenever I can buy a size or two smaller than I think. Best feeling ever! Congratulations =)


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