I posted this picture last night on Instagram (@nerkymeg):

With the caption "This is the face of someone who just looked at me, smiled REAL big, and farted."

I thought I was being all cute and clever. Homeboy wasn't having that and immediately shat in the tub. Oh, and he's sick. What are your shits like when you're sick? EXACTLY. I was elbow deep. Fantastic. Just fantastic.

GAWD I touch a lot of shit. 

Anyway, so I've gotten a lot of requests for videos - workout ones, hair tutorials, keeks about my random life and shit. Problem is, I've been avoiding being in videos since, uh forever. Except for that one time my friends and I made a video for a class in high school and I volunteered to be in it because the year before when I took that class, my boyfriend at the time did all the work for our video and all the editing and then I got a higher score than he did on the project. Serves him right for cheating on me. I digress. My friend's and my video was called "The Future Holds Anarchy: Nowhere Since Tuesday" and it consisted of superb acting and a chin monster. So, ya know, I'll just wait by the phone for Hollywood to call.

But seriously, who wants to watch themselves all the time? Not I. Plus, I like the mystery of you not knowing what I sound like. I'm fucking mysterious as shit. Like Mystique except not a mutant.

SO, I wasn't going to make any. 

And then my friend asked me to make up a beginner work out routine for her targeting arms and abs. I started thinking about a plan and wondered if she knew what a burpee was or an offset push-up, and how it would be easier if I could show her with a video of the whole circuit.

I know what you're thinking, and it's not supposed to be easy.
I was going to put a "Pin It" button here, but in the process of figuring out how to do so, I accidentally changed my Pinterest to German and now I can't get it back to English. Neat.

I still didn't make a video, BUT that's because I'm moving this weekend so I have boxes and shit everywhere. In my new place I'll totally do it. Videos. About working out. And how to make a work-appropriate messy bun with two day hair. And other stuff I guess. Be excited.

Speaking of videos, my other friend (I just have the two) is pretty much married to his kayak and posts bitchin' videos from fishing trips. (I caught you a delicious bass.) Guys, you will like it because it's about fishing and manly stuff that makes you want to flex your muscles and beat on your chest. Girls, you will like it because he's cute. (He paid me to say that.) There's also a really good twss at 2:33.

Email me for his phone number.

As per usual, if you'd like snarky motivational emails each day, send one to meg(at)nerkyblog(dot)com and I'll add you to the list! Typing that reminded me that I forgot to send one yesterday. WHOOPS. Sorry guys. I'm a fuckface. Also, don't forget that I'm not an expert, just a #formerfatty. These workouts and eating habits are just how I lost weight.


  1. ^ lol.

    hey i was in that movie! i died first. i really appreciate that you did most of the editing for us..thanks for doing my homework! haha...you really are a nerd I guess (cuz we would've beat you up if you didn't, maybe shoved you in a locker.) how ANCIENT was that editing equipment?? that class would've been much easier today with digital video recorders and shit. And how did I not know that he cheated on you?! Was this Z that you speak of? with a certain big boobed curly haired loud girl? maybe i did know this...tra-la-la...

  2. You kid is adorable, even when sick. I would gladly clean up sick kid shit if the kid in question was that cute.

    I know you'll vlog eventually. We all do it. You can't get around it in the end. They are just so convenient. It's like blogging, only lazier.

  3. My son has pooped in the tub once. I made daddy clean it up. Poor you, diarrhea tub!
    But, he's still a cute little dude!!

    And you're awesome. That is all!


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