Frisky Friday: What if I'm sexy and I DON'T know it?

I got a special request this week for FF: "How does a woman perceive it when a guy is quiet/nervous on a first date?"

First of all, if you're a guy, thank you for reading my blog. For serious. Here is a token of my appreciation:

And second of all, I'm really awkward and shy in person. If I see that you're equally awkward and shy, we'll probably get along well. Or maybe we'll just sit there in silence and stare at each other. Awkwardly.

I googled "Kristen Wiig elbow balls Bridesmaids" and it came up with a picture of Luke, Leia, and Han.
Okay, Internet. You win.

I'm mostly kidding. (Mostly.) I tend to think it's cute when I can tell that a guy is nervous. I'm gonna be honest though, it's only cute for a little while and probably not yeah-let's-totally-go-out-again cute, because you know what's super sexy? Confidence. If you're being really quiet for the whole date, I'm probably going to wonder what's wrong with me and why you aren't talking to me. We females are vain like that.

I asked a guy out for the first time ever a couple of months ago. I was super nervous because it was my first time (that's what she said) and not confident at all, but why? I'm fucking awesome and cool as shit. (Okay, that was borderline arrogant as opposed to "confident" - a blurry line that it's probably best not to cross lest you come off as a douche. See? Now you know what not to do. You're welcome.) But seriously, if he/she has already agreed to go out with you, then what is there to be nervous about on your date? 

Nothing, that's what. You've totally already done the hard part in asking them out. Just follow my trusty rules for a first date, and you're golden - if you're a girl, that is. I don't have guy rules. (Yet.) When I went out with the guy that I asked out, I wasn't nervous about the date itself at all. In retrospect, I probably should have eaten something before I started drinking, though. Tipsy + hooker heels = Clumsy McStumbly. 

I could ask a guy out much easier now than when I did it a few months ago. Know why? Losing the amount of weight I've lost has not only made me healthier, but it's given me confidence in myself. Not only in my body, but in the fact that I set this monumental goal for myself and I stuck with it through the end. (Almost, just 5 pounds to go!) I deserve to go out with any guy of my choosing, as opposed to quietly pining over him and hoping he maybe reads my mind but in actuality not believing I'm worthy of him. That's the difference confidence makes. 

And if he says no? Well, he's probably not going to unless he's married or a huge douche nozzle. But if he does, who cares. I'll probably never see him again. It's not middle school anymore, no one's gonna make fun of you.

Confidence, confidence, confidence. Be confident in who you are. Be confident in that you deserve to be out with whoever you're with. You're out on a date to have fun, so have funAnd if you're that nervous about it, have a drink first. It will loosen you up. Just don't get drunk and slurry, k?

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  1. Couldn't agree with you more! And you ARE fucking awesome and cool as shit!

  2. I very much appreciate your token of appreciation. #marrymeemmawatson

  3. You rock my socks off with your daily email!

  4. Loving the daily emails! Youre sexy and I KNOW IT!

  5. your gift for men was a fully clothed hermione granger????...women will never learn...

  6. You can curse at me via email anytime you want. I'm expecting lots of those types of emails during revolt =).

    Also, I don't even know when I'm on a date. It's true. Turns out I have been on many dates that I did not know were dates. Maybe you should write about that.


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