Talks of a giveaway perhaps?

I tend to have a "shit happens, brush it off and move on", "life is too short to hold grudges or wear matching socks" attitude toward life. I'm fantastic at finding the silver lining in most situations. Sometimes, though, I get handed too much shit and it's hard to look past it. That happened recently and all of you mofos were super nice and shit, so I want to say thanks.

I was serious.

It also applies to my spawn.

I have damn near 100 people following this silly-ass blog. To celebrate, I'll do a giveaway when I get to 100 to say thanks and big fat kisses to you crazies. Now's the time to "join" this site (view as web version and it's on the right -->) if you're a regular and you haven't already!

The swag? A mix cd of my current faves and a $20 itunes giftcard. Getchyoself some new running tunes at my expense. Yeah, I still make mix cds for my friends. STOP JUDGING ME. I'll post the actual giveaway when I get to 100 followers.

I've been on a bit of a Bruno Mars kick recently. How many girls do you think listen to "When I was Your Man" and think YEAH, he shoulda bought me flowers! And held my hand! And given me all his hours! (Answer: All of them. ALL THE GIRLS.) 

He's quite the panty dropper for a little dude.

Pro tip: Guys, get your girl some flowers. Bitches love flowers. "No reason" flowers are WAY better than "because it's a holiday and I have to" flowers any day of the week. I couldn't give two shits if you give me flowers on Valentine's Day or our anniversary, but if you give me flowers (or better yet, send me flowers) on a random Tuesday, you're pretty much guaranteed to get laid gonna make my week.

Now go join this site so we can give some shit away!


  1. How the hell was I not following yo silly-ass-blog. Fixed that shit right up. I actually HATE getting flowers. Yeah, I know, I'm a picky bitch. I have a good back story for that, though. Stupid ex-husbands.

  2. ^ I understand that, "flowers for no reason" flowers are usually actually "I did something I feel guilty about but I'm not going to tell you, I'm just going to pretend like I'm a good boyfriend by bringing you flowers" flowers.

    I thought you said Bruno wasn't yessable?

  3. Can you please email my husband and tell him about the flowers thing? HAHA

    Used to be lurker, now a follower. :)

  4. Ummm... yeah! You're at 100. When I joined you, 30 days ago your were like 40 something right? That's crazy! You go girl. You're such an inspiration!

  5. Woo-hoo-I was follower 101! Do I get a prize for putting you over 100? :)

  6. I love mix CD's - even though it takes longer to make one than to send songs through the internets or whatever the kids are doing these days. And yes, every girl is a sucker for flowers. Once, when my hubs was just my bf, I got to his house and was presented with flowers in a beer mug. He said he felt bad he didn't have a vase....I said are you kidding? The beer mug is WAY better.

  7. so true about the flowers thing. it's my own joke with myself that i will marry the guy who SENDS me NO REASON flowers. that is a guy you just can't let go of!

  8. I just bought each of my 3 daughters a 7pk of socks & upon getting them home; the girls unpaired and mismatched them all. Love us some mismatched socks.
    Bruno Mars? I have a Bruno Mars Pandora station that I skip or thumbs down as many other artists as I can just so they'll play Bruno again. I need more Bruno Mars in my life. And my iPod. I'm on the same page as far as flowers and Valentine's day! We don't even do anything on Valentine's day (my bday is the week before, too)-I love Random Tuesday flowers! Maybe we should make THAT a holiday.....


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