The end is near

Oh, scale, what a tricksy bitch you are. I weigh myself about once a week, just to keep things in check more than anything. Now that I've lost most of my fatty fat, I focus more on how my clothes fit and how many stomach rolls I have, or don't have, when I bend in the shower to shave my legs. In case you missed it on Instagram (@nerkymeg) on Saturday:

I'm back to 140.
If you look at my knee, you can still see the ouchie from falling in my heels last week.

What's more important to me than weighing 140, though, is the fact that those shorts are too big. They fit me at the beginning of this 30 day shred bidness when I also weighed 140, and now I'm almost to the end of the shred and I weigh the same, but I'm a size smaller.

That shirt is a juniors small and the shorts are a junior's size 7. Mama needs to start buying 5's, hollaaaa! (Why the FUCK is junior's sizing different from womens/petites/misses? Whose idea was that? Why not size all pants in inches like men's pants? It would be SO MUCH EASIER.)

It really just goes to show that the scale isn't the only way to measure success. Muscle weighs more than fat and takes up less space. Size matters. Pants size, that is. 

Weighted squat punching is NO JOKE, fools.

I'm going to do the shred a few days longer because it pisses me off that I can't do level 3 without breaks, so I'll perfect that shit and post my "after" pic next week. Plus, nerkymeg needs a spray tan before I put a bathing suit picture on the internet. (Also because Mama Laughlin called me "glowing" after the race a couple weeks ago. Not in a good way, in a ghostly way.)

Who has stuck with the shred all month? Shit gets boring, not gonna lie. I think workout dvds work better as a supplement or a change-up as opposed to an every day thing.

As far as running goes, I've found that it's hard for me to be motivated to run longer than 3-4 miles when I'm not training for a race, so instead I do interval training to get faster.

9ish minute mile? I'll take it.

It was GORGEOUS this weekend, so I couldn't NOT go for a run. When I wear my superman shirt and I pass people on the jogging path, I always put my arms up like I'm flying. It's not weird. Keep things interesting, I always say. 

Hello, waist. It's nice to see you.

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  1. You should Google "UP" by Jawbone and check it out. I have a friend using it and she says it's AWESOME and I want to get one real bad. It's a good way to give yourself "get-up-off-yo-ass" reminders and information to support that notion. It's like Nike FuelBand but cool instead of shitty. I returned my FuelBand but UP looks sick!

    P.S. If I ever see you jogging in your Superman tee with your arms up, I'm definitely driving past and throwing a big green rock at you. Kryptonite, bitch.

  2. I think the arm raising thing is totally normal, athletic even. I usually am just trying not to die.

  3. I'm totally kicking myself for not being consistent with JM this month. You look amazing! Oh, and I don't even try to fit into juniors' sizes anymore. These baby making hips just don't play that.

  4. Awesome job. You inspire me to really get my ass moving. Well, I mean, once I pop this kid out and my whole body is a flabby, flabby flabcake. I feel like I'm getting softer by the day but I'm making a human so there's that.

  5. You look amazing! I should have shredded every. single. day. like you!

  6. You did a damn good job! Can't wait to hear about how you are destroying level 3 of shred. I would love to be a part of your daily motivational email list. I totally love being cursed at. It's the best.


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