Women and their weight

Y'all. Are. The. Best. I received so many emails, comments (here, FB, and IG), messages, texts, phone calls, etc. because of my post yesterday. I seriously have the best friends a girl could ask for and I want you to know it - that's real life and blogland friends. I may or may not have laughed out loud and cried like a tween at a Bieber concert at some of your hilarious and kind words. And if you didn't comment or anything, it's totally cool. Thanks for being here and reading.


Today I have an important topic to tackle. Dun dun duuunnnnnn. Women and their weight. Why the fuck we get all persnickety about that damn number on the scale.

I'll tell you why.

Because this is what our men fap to:

Do you see how tiny she is? Sexy=reallyfuckingskinny, that much is clear. So because we, as women, see these pictures in magazines and on tv and wherever, and then see you, as men, drooling over them, we strive to achieve this for ourselves by watching our weight. We want to be the supermodel in your life, because deep down, no girl wants to know you're fapping to someone else's picture. We just don't.

You say it's not her size that gets you? Fine, it's her boobs. It's how much skin she's showing. Put a girl twice her size with those boobs and that much skin in the pictures and see if you're still as interested.

And I'm not talking about every guy, there are always exceptions to the rule. In general though, society and whoever calls the shots in the advertising department of swimwear sales, find the above picture the most appealing way to show off that swimsuit. On a stick thin, tan, oiled up body.

My problem isn't with these girls. I don't know their story, why they're so thin, how hard they work for it, what they've been through, etc. 

My problem is with people saying "women worry too much about weight" and then these are the pictures we always see. There is a disconnect there.

In short, we worry about our weight so much to please our men, or if you're detached like me, to please your future men. When we are thin, we feel more confident because we see that thin=sexy. When we are more confident in our sexiness, it shows and our men are more attracted to us, because while they really do love us for who we are on the inside, they like a little eye candy, too. 

Of course we take care of ourselves for our own benefit as well. Womens lib!

So get off our backs for worrying about our weight. Don't make fun of use for turning down a fatty meal in favor of a healthier option. We just don't want you to be attracted to other girls more than you are to us.

And speaking of worrying about our weight, it's day 10 of #nerky30ds! We're a third of the way done after today's workout! I moved up to level 2 yesterday and it was super hard (twss) but totally worth it. Are you sad that you're not on my daily "motivational" email list? Email me at meg(at)nerkyblog(dot)com and I'll add you. Because I'm nice. And sexy. Mostly just nice though.


  1. I get that men get tired of hearing us complain about our weight, lack of food (aka fatty food), working out, etc. But come on, if we aren't doing all of the above then we look like fattness. My husband is just now realizing that I might complain, but what I am complaing about is making me a healthier and skinner version of me, which makes me happy and in turn makes him happy. So if he has to hear a little complaining it is worth it. HE IS JUST NOW GETTING IT. I hope that makes sense and isn't a bunch of rambling!

  2. I agree with this post in so many ways and it absolutely kills me to hear my daughters talk about how "fat" they are. I'm trying to teach them that they are beautiful and they don't need to compare themselves to pictures in magazines.

    I also feel very lucky to have a guy who tells me that I'm hot no matter what weight I am. He keeps telling me not to get too skinny. I'm pretty sure he just doesn't want my boobs to get any smaller. ;)

  3. I think the pressure of what other women think of you is just as strong as what men think. Who doesn't want to be the hottest and thinnest in their group of friends? The peer pressure girls put on each other is incredible. If you're out with your bestie, whoever orders food first sets the tone for what everyone else is having. If they're all pigging out and you're having a salad, it's practically like bringing weapons to the Geneva Convention. I know, I had a salad over the weekend while my friends chowed down on carby goodness, and you should have seen the looks they were arrowing my way.

    It might also be why I caved and had all the sugary things on Sunday.

  4. Operation: Hot Mother. Best label. EVER! Hahaha! And you totally rock with your #nerky30ds emails and level 2 #poundshitjustgotreal LOL!


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