And the winner is...

I love giveaways. I never win them, but it's exciting nonetheless.

The winner is: Jennifer P! Email me (meg(at)nerkyblog(dot)com) with your address and a shiny new mix cd will be on it's way to you. Oh, and the giftcard. You know you just entered this for the mix cd though.

I mean, I would have.

Thanks for playing along. Since some of you are new, here are 11 (turn it up to 11) random things about me so that we can get better acquainted you can creep all up in my life and my choices.

1 - I have an electric wine opener so I don't have to fuck with a corkscrew. I don't even know how to use a regular corkscrew. Cheers.

2 - My favorite fatty-food is thin crust pizza. And movie theatre popcorn. With butter.

3 - My favorite healthy food is fruit. I like berries right now because they're super sweet. Also pineapple and mangoes. And apples. And kiwi. And bananas. ALL THE FRUIT.

4 - I can turn anything into innuendo. (Grandma's chicken sal-aaaad.) Total maximum bonus points if you get that reference.) This may not be my best feature.

5 - I'm a single mom. I date and stuff, but I think the fact that I have a kid is a huge turn off. That's a bummer.

6 - My son is the shit. I mean, sometimes he's an asshole, but what toddler doesn't have asshole moments? He has the biggest, best belly you've ever seen.

7 - I can put my ankles behind my ears. Just kidding, I can't.

8 - I make pretty cookies every time I have to give an appreciation gift.

9 - I'm pret-ty knowledgeable when it comes to Harry Potter and/or Star Wars. Han shot first, and he is coincidentally on my fictional characters "yes" list. So is Trent from Daria.

He's on your yes list now, too, right? If time-travel-yessing was an option, I'd yes young Harrison Ford all over the place. Maybe The Doctor can take me to him in his TARDIS. I'd also yes The Doctor. Something about being bigger on the inside. 

10 - I love movies. I really want to see Iron Man 3. It's a nerd-movie-explosion summer and I'm OMGSUPERSTOKED about Star Trek coming out soon. Also, Man of Steel. And on an artistic note, The Great Gatsby looks fantastic. I love Baz Luhrmann.

11 - I'm an artist. I paint wall murals and I draw people like a creeper in the park, but I don't get as much time to do it anymore now that I have a spawn. I'm working on an idea for a cool car-themed mural for his room now, though.

I never finished this mural because the rainforest theme was too overpowering for the tiny space. I wound up painting over it and doing something much simpler instead.

And now you know all my secrets. 


  1. OMG, toddler bellies are the best! So soft and cute. I am also super stoked about the new Star Trek movie. I may have saved my AMC gift card specifically for this movie. :)

  2. funny, because I got an electric wine opener for Christmas and I can't figure out how to use it! you should show me your mad skillz sometime..

  3. I am devastated (deeevaaaaastaaaateeeeed!) that I didn't win. I thought for sure I had that shit in the bag. Stupid random selector. I can't even to go cry in my fruity pebbles.


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