Frisky Friday: Ink

Damn, y'all. Tattoos are sexy as fuck. 

Well, sometimes no. Sometimes they're trashy and you question the life choices of the person whose tats you're judging. But sometimes beautiful people make beautiful choices and everybody wins.

Happy Memorial Day .

Last night my friend and I went to get her tattoo redone, and it looks pretty dope. Not gonna lie, had they been open longer I would have gotten one.

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I have a thing for ink. I also have a thing for intelligence and sense of humor. Rarely do you find the perfect storm, but looking at pictures is still fun.

Yes please.

Tattoos are totally hot on girls too. Well, they can be. As long as it's not a tramp stamp. Or paw prints on your ta-tas. Or anything on your vag. Come on ladies, keep your shit classy.

"But what are you gonna think of it when you're 80?" Um, who gives a shit. You're 80. You're wrinkly as fuck and not showing off your entire back (and thong), so what does it matter? YOLO, betch.

You know what's not great?

Damn, you a cold ass honky.

Let's get back to the eye candy. 


I'm 100% straight and even I think she's hot.

Have a good holiday weekend, be safe. Get some tattoos. Show them to me.


  1. damn my tramp stamp! oh well, at least I can't see back there anymore. lol

  2. Great post! Great photo choices! I am a sucker for a great tattoo on a hot man!

  3. Have you seen that show America's Worst Tattoos? It's my new addiction!! It's pretty crazy/stupid what some people get tattooed. And pretty amazing what they can cover it up with!!

  4. Aw yeah, love me some tattooed hotties. And since my birthday is in 10 days, I'll just be treating myself to some new ink as a gift. It took me too long to get my first tattoo, I gotta catch up and get more.


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