Gladiator Meg

I did the Gladiator Rock 'n Run on Saturday and it was THE MOST FUN EV. It was pretty much exactly like what I imagine it would have been like to be on GUTS.

Didn't you always HATE the kid that was climbing the Aggro Crag because it wasn't you? The dumb shit always went the wrong way and wasn't as efficient as you would have been, amirite? And don't even get me started on Legends of the Hidden Temple.

My Halloween costume a few years ago.
You know you wanted to be a Blue Barracuda SO BAD.

This was a 5k muddy obstacle course and it was the SHIT. There were easy obstacles, like hopping through tires, medium obstacles like monkey bars over a mud pit, and hard ones like climbing a 15' rope.

Oh, and the mud. We crawled through mud pits under nets and barbed wire. We swam in the lake, and then got out and crawled through more mud.

This would have been a cool event to have a GoPro so you could video all of the obstacles.

When you skipped an obstacle you had to do 10 burpees. I only had to do punishment burpees once for skipping the rope climb. I really think I could have done it, but I couldn't jump high enough to get over the non-caked-in-mud part of the rope, so I just kept sliding down because I couldn't get a grip. Shorty fail.

I surprised myself and my friends by easily climbing that red rope wall. Yeahhhh arm muscles! Welcome to the gun show. They claim it's because I have a low center of gravity, but Ima stick with the arm muscles thing.

There were 17 obstacles total, and one of the obstacles was weighted cinder block burpees. 30 of them. THIRTY. Not gonna lie, my burpees got a little sloppy at around 25. Oh, and lifting a tire over my head and doing lunges for 50 yards? Yeah. My lunges were pretty weak by the end.

I like the shirt they gave us because it reminds me of Captain America. (SO WHAT if he's the lamest Avenger. It's not fair to judge him or his spangly suit.) Iron Man 3 was awesome, by the by. Go see it right now.

Suffice it to say, next time I do one of these mofos, I'm gonna eat more than a banana for breakfast. I'm still sore, and I have bruises all over my legs. It was the most fun beating I've ever experienced. (Insert inappropriately appropriate Chris Brown reference here.)

Other things that happened this weekend: I succumbed to peer pressure and joined Keek. (Did that link work for those of you without a Keek account?) I hope I sound like everything you've imagined and more. Follow me: @nerkymeg

Maybe I'll say "titty sprinkles" for you if you're lucky.


  1. Oh man, that looks/sounds awesome!! I'm definitely doing something like that next year! And, I'm prettu sure that's one of the cutest race shirts I've seen!!

  2. SWEEEET! WE have a lame course here in Illinois in the fall. And we (hubs and i) said the same thing last year, "we gotta do this with the Go Pro next year!" So thats our goal!!! Thinking i'll wear a bike helmet, since the chest strap mount could get covered and then lame video! :) We are gonna test it out on a run first!!! Gopros=awesome.

  3. That race looks like so much fun and way harder than the Warrior Dash. Burpees with a cinder block? Damn! You are such a badass and the shirt is pretty cool too.

  4. Dude. I would give anything to compete on Double Dare. Don't even get me started on the Agro Cragg. I would kill it.


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